Source Confirms Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry Break-Up

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Professionally, Adam Lambert's life is about to take off. His debut album, "For Your Entertainment," will be released on November 23.

Personally, however, the singer's love life has changed course dramatically: a source tells that he and Drake LaBry have called it quits.

“The relationship just ran its course,” said the insider. “The break-up was mutual and amicable. They remain friends and still care for each other.”

Very Much in Love

The couple went public in June and has been seen around Los Angeles at various times over the last few weeks. Said another source close to the pair:

"Adam is crazy busy right now getting the album done and squeezing in rehearsals. They both felt this moment is too important for Adam to focus on anything else but getting this album out and having it be a huge hit."

We'll have more information on this reported split as soon as it's available. For now, we wish each side nothing but the very best.


aww bless them :(


awwww...I m very sorry!But if it was mutual at least nobody has a broken heart!And I imagine its too hard to keep a relationship going when you have such a rocketstart as Adam has right now!
Hope they are fine!


Always interests me that it's so easy to say they're too busy. what if the celeb is ALREADY married?? Supposed to give it up? Nah, they just weren't all that serious, or they wouldna worked it out. Besides, Adam's got lots of partyin' to do now, lots to tap. I can see him being hedonistic enough, egotistical enough to want to be unattached. Meh.


Best Decision Adam ever made! He is a very talented man and don't need a leech on his back. Drake was an attention whore, too clingy, always needed to be in the spotlight. I said this before, that kid would have killed Adam's career.Personally Labry was nothing to write home about. Adam could do much better.. ok Drake you had your 15 min. of fame.. lol Glad Adam came to his senses..


So sorry to hear this but not surprised as the changes for both of you would have been enormous. Good luck to both of you in life and I hope you both find a partner as caring and loving as you both deserve.


that's cause he's not gay


I am sure with Adam's insane schedule, rise to fame, and constantly being thrust into the spot light it has made their relationship hard to maintain. Hope Adam finds the love he is looking for once he has a little time and wish both he and Drake the best of luck and love.


My sincere best wishes to both of them. The sudden and extreme notiriety that now surrounds Adam was bound to have an effect and will probably continue to have an effect on his relationships. It will happen for him when it happens.


Adam looked happy in photos with Drake, but, there have been so very many experiences and changes for Adam all year, and it is almost impossibe for it not to affect people's responses to what was as opposed to what is.Good luck to both. Really.

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