Shauna Sand Offers Sex Tape Advice to Carrie Prejean

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Think Shauna Sand would miss a chance to reclaim attention from someone younger, more attractive and more popular stealing her sex tape spotlight lend a hand?

With the Carrie Prejean sex tape leaked and a company lined up to sell it if she's willing, Shauna wants Carrie to get off (heh heh) her high horse and take the cash.

Shauna Sand, who really has nothing better to do anymore, fired off a letter to Prejean in an effort to convince the "biblically correct" beauty queen to roll with it.

Vivid Entertainment has offered $1 million for the Carrie Prejean sex tape. Shauna is also distributing her nasty sex video through Vivid, so she knows what's up.

Shauna Sand Side Boob

Everyone needs a mentor. Shauna Sand is offering to be Carrie Prejean's.

In the letter, Shauna draws from her own experiences - how she decided not to waste "thousands of dollars" trying to fight the release of her "leaked" sex tape.

Instead, she worked out a deal with Vivid so she could maximize the profit provided by her disgusting sex romp ... which Shauna will also be actively promoting.

Of course, Shauna clearly wanted the thing to get out the whole time and created the "lawsuit" story for some free publicity, while Carrie's surprised everyone.

It's clear that any hypocritical ditz who lies about her age on the tape and makes claims to imply that God loves fake boobs didn't want this kind of PR. But hey.

In other sex tape news, how about Hiroko Mima and Anya Ayoung-Chee!? Wowza, those Miss Universe Girls are into some crazy stuff, from what we've heard.


sexy poto


Do you really believe for one minute that the Prejean sex tape leak was a mistake? She wouldn't sell any books if knowledge of a sex tape hadn't of 'leaked'.


it disgusts me at the treatment of Ms Anya Ayoung chee that a video she made for her own private use should be released and sent from pervert site to pervert side. What a violation that this is allowed and this young women is allowed to be violated this way and have lewd rude commnents made about her in public. In trinidad sex is a private affair not a public one. The people looking at these tapes and spreading it ARE NASTY PERVERTED SICK MORONS who need a life.
What you all are doing is tantamount to rape by spreading this video, please show some decency


Naeem, You spelling and grammar is that not understand I can't!
Carrie Prejean bigot is and hypocrite and me no like.


Ugly sand!
Carrie is the most beatiful woman i seen!
The most uglise woman i seen is that bloody bitch, Shauna sand!


Look at the ugly face of shauna sand!Brrrrr!
The sex tape of carrie is private and confidential to carrie herself!
If shauna sand is a porn actress, then carrie is not like her!
Bloody bitch sand!
Carrie is a great christian and should have retain her crown!


Incredible that bottom feeding segment of society is back on Carrie's case again. I though we were finished with this when Shanna Hoakler and her Playboy connections faded away. Man this Shauna is butt ugly. How do you get a mouth that big.... oh, she's in porn movies. I hope Carrie tells Vivid to shove the offer up their triple "E" butt holes.

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