Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair Pics: More Outtakes, More Awesomeness

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During a stop in London this week, Robert Pattinson discussed the growing global obsession over the Twilight Saga.

Of the reaction he and castmates have received, he said:

"We went to Japan earlier on in the year. There wasn't that much of a reaction - but last week when we went again, it suddenly exploded, the same as here. I don't know how, it just explodes so quickly. It takes seven months to take hold - it's like a virus."

If that's the case, it's the only virus in history millions of people hope to get infected by!

This will especially be the case after they sort through the latest outtakes of the actor, photos released by Vanity Fair that didn't make it into the magazine's initial spread of the star.

Sit back, get comfortable and ogle away, New Moon fans...

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The guy is just HOT and does indeed seem like a down to earth human..he is a great actor.


he is not a wuss hes not EVEN MARRIED the magazines said hes married to kristen stewart but HES NOT WHAT EVER U READ MAKE SURE ITS RIGHT


ohh stop Hating.. Even if he was a wuss(which it doesn't really matter) He's still "IN"..Did you hear of him committing infidelity on his wife??? Did you hear of him reacting like an idiot in public??? Um maybe you should learn to appreciate yourself and stop hating other people.. Give the guy some credit he makes a hot vampire and seems like a pretty mellow, down to earth, honest, real guy... He's a great actor...And he's open minded..


Somebody swallowed a galon of


This guy such a wuss. I am willing to bet that in a vampire fight that Tom Cruise could even drop this guy.


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