Robert Pattinson Comes Out of Hiding

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Robert Pattinson photos are handsome, yet they're also seen less frequently these days than pants on Britney Spears from 2006-2008.

As numerous sources have confirmed, the actor has been keeping a low profile ever since paparazzi bombarded him and his co-stars during the shooting of Twilight.

EW Outtake

For that reason, it's breaking news when the gorgeous actor merely surfaces these days, as he did in Japan earlier this week. Pattinson joined New Moon director Chris Weitz for a press conference in Japan.

Don't worry, American readers, Rob will make his way back to the States shortly. After all, he's got a movie to promote here, as well as a girlfriend to calm down.

Kristen Stewart recently said she hates fame, which is ironic because she wouldn't have met Pattinson unless she were a celebrity; which means she wouldn't have the chance to wake up next to this face every morning...


God, he's yummy


i wonder why only he and the dircetor went


we miss your smile in the u.s.


Im with you Sarah and Astra, Rob should come home to England and chill out with his friends and family for a while.


i really dont understand why people post nasty comments about people if u have nothing nice to say you shouldnt say anything at all HOWEVER robert looks really handsome in his suit


nice to see you smile again rob and if kristen is the one who makes you smile thats great you look good together dont let the gossip mags get you down go out and have some fun you both deserve it hope you stay together fo a long time i love you two together its like you made fo each other. have a good life best of luck to both give kristen my love and you to.


AHHHHH i love him! i wish he'd come out more often but i respect him wanting to stay hidden with the about of commotion around him all the time


It's really nice to see Rob looking relaxed in Japan. I really don't take any notice of the gossip printed about celebs cos 75% 0f it is crap. So Kudos to the guy for staying so well grounded. As for the two Rob haters at the top of this post, your blatant jealousy makes me want to hurl....Get a life!! Come back home to England soon Rob!! Peace x**A**x


He has a girlfriend to calm down....WTF? Kristen has more class than to be whinning about being separated from Rob...if there even is a RobSten. BTW...fame and acting don't necessarily go hand in hand and there are some actors...KStew for one...who seek to do a job and work and try to make a career out of their job and don't need or desire fame. Hollywood is so f--ked up. If Rob and Kristen where truly meant to be they would meet (despite being celebs or not) one way or the other...Karma baby, Karma. Keep it real Kristen and Rob and good luck with the promo crap you have to do for Twilight Saga. Peace.


awww i love him!! :D


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