Rihanna to Break Silence on Chris Brown

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Speaking about Chris Brown for the first time since he assaulted her back in February, Rihanna will break her silence later this week in a two-part interview with ABC's Good Morning America (Thursday) and 20/20 (Friday).

The 21-year-old star finally "tells her story" about what happened that night and how the former lovers have responded since then, according to a network promo.

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Brown, who was sentenced to five years of probation, 180 days of community labor and a year of domestic violence classes, has publicly apologized repeatedly.

Chris also blatantly pined for Rihanna on Twitter and YouTube quite recently.

Rihanna, whose new song, "Wait Your Turn," dropped today, has been silent.

The interview kicks off a PR tour for her highly anticipated fourth album, Rated R, which comes out November 23. It will be interesting to hear what she says.

Specifically, does she blame herself at all for the incident, in which Brown beat, choked and threatened her in a fit of rage - and does she forgive what he did?

Before that fateful evening in February, Rihanna and Chris Brown might have been the hottest couple in music. Now they're just a couple of hotheads in music.


It is sad that this could be considered a PR stunt to promote her album sales. I would like to think that she is speaking out about the incident now because she feels it is the right time to do so.


I agree with Jenn and Rihanna needs to move on and C Brown should roll out too. The best way to take care of this is both going their own ways.


This girl need to move on and that women beater needs to leave her alone......sorry to be honest but that was wrong of him... i mean couples get into fights all the time he didnt need to go that far makes one thing he needs anger managment or something...just saying DANG!


rihanna is doing this to promote her album not domestic violence - self promoting - after the chris incident went out and got a gun tattoo - promoting violence parties all the time - nope, don't want any young girls to follow her.


She should keep her privat life out of public media, too many information could spoil her career. I´m only interest in her music. That´s all.http://loom.tv/channel.php?c=19488


i would love to hear what she has to say about this situation. especially since she was seen on vaca with him right after it happened.


What he did was unforgivable


Talking about it publicly will probably help her album
Which is kindof sad.


They are both sooo immature. They hit the big league too young and never grew up...school yard romance, schoolyard brawl...who cares...they are both on their way to obscurity (esp. Rihanna and that horrific album she is releasing...eeek)....


dun dun dunn

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