Rihanna on Chris Brown: He Was My First Love

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Nine months after she was assaulted by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna is finally breaking her silence about the infamous night that left her bruised and bloodied.

What made the incident hardest on Rihanna was the fact that Brown had held such a special place in her heart: "He was definitely my first big love," the star admits.

That's gotta hurt, Negus Sealy.

In the interview with Diane Sawyer, airing on Good Morning America Thursday and 20/20 Friday, she warns, "This can happen to me, it can happen to anyone."


Rihanna opens up to Diane Sawyer about Chris Brown.

Both singers have worked to move on since that awful night, with Brown serving his community labor sentence in Virginia and working on his new album, Graffiti.

That record drops December 15. Rihanna is shaking things up her fourth album, Rated R, on November 23. Her latest single, "Wait Your Turn" debuted Monday.

What else will she have to say about her lover-turned-attacker when the full interview airs later in the week? We'll have the latest for you as soon as we know.


Chris is to in love with Rihanna and he shouldn't be. She's not even worth being with. Rihanna isn't meant for Chris Brown. When everyone thought Chris was dating Jordan Sparks I wanted to believe it so much, but it wasn't true. Then when I heard about him and Rihanna , ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. I expect so much for Chris Brown, I want him to achieve in the music business, become closer to his fans, and make better choices in finding love. Don't get me wrong, Rihanna is beautiful, but not worth being in a relationship with AT ALL. I think he found the wrong one, Im sorry Chris.


This girl is so unfortunate looking. GROSS!!!! Give up the "trend setter" act up already, she is no fashion icon. Her album is going to be shitty, regardless of how many sell. Girl cant sing to save her life. She is annoying enough already, I wish she would cover up her football field of a forehead. Ugh, anyone with a brain knows she played her little part in the whole incident between her and Chris Brown. She is not innocent. I am in no way condoning what he did to her, but she is not the only victim. Everyone acts like he just went at her for no reason. Please!! She is/was insecure and accusing him of cheating on her, you know she got all ghetto black girl on him. ♥


Boring! next...


"hope that she does not trash Chris Brown" -- oh please, the woman-beater trashed himself!!!!


I agree that it does not look good for her to be speaking publicly about it now...when she has a new album coming out. It makes it seem unreal to me. I just hope that she does not trash Chris Brown for that reason (publicity). Be honest and tell the truth, not what you think people want you to say. I am sure that she is not all sugar and spice...


i think its good she waited until now. if she had come out right away people would have accused her of just wanting attention then too. either way...


If she wanted to talk about the Chris Brown incident she should of done it before now. Anything for publicity


Piss poor attempt to raise interest in her shiteous album....not gonna happen. Her voice needs to be synthesized and muffled in a great beat, to be considered acceptable.

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