Report: Lindsay Lohan Mauls Gerard Butler

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This was pretty much inevitable. Whether she's tearing her dad a new one in interviews or snogging anything with a pulse, LiLo has never been one to lie low.

According to reports, she mauled Gerard Butler in full view of reporters over the weekend, a development that certainly won't sit well with Jennifer Aniston.

LL on the Move

Well, it wouldn't sit well with her if she were actually involved with Butler (her co-star in The Bounty) which she probably isn't and never was. But anyway.

Lindsay partied at the launch of the Sol Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco. There, she opened up to OK!, confiding in the mag about life and love:

“I’m fed up of all the drama. I just want to find someone who loves me back. I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack every time I think about the break-up. I came here to get away from it all. I’m ready to have fun now.”

Jennifer Aniston's "boyfriend" Gerard Butler nailed Lindsay Lohan! Anyone surprised? Well, about the Lohan part. We doubt Gerard and Jen are or were an item.

Not long after that inspiring quote, she was locking lips with Gerard Butler. Looking fantastic in a slinky, black dress, Lindsay made her move on the Scot.

She put her Trilby on his head, turned up his collar and started dirty dancing. They ended up in a corner kissing, followed by more dancing and flirting.

Lindsay told us: “He’s hot, he’s mine! I’ve got no ring on my finger so I’m gonna have lots of fun. This is the most romantic place in the world after all.”

Then they were seen leaving together in a golf cart. Way to go, Gerard on becoming the latest in a long line of men (and women) to see Lindsay Lohan nude!

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what do you mean "bbefore she ends up like britney" ? - too late as for Gerard "hitting it" - why not - if he married her, the I would think he's an idiot, but to get a "freebie" - why not? and as for the woman who said "and to think I would have left my husband for him" - look in the mirror if you want to see "trash"


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD JAMES BUTLER! Hey try to get back to me if you dont mind., -from your BIGGEST fan.


Opps! I mean Butler


I really thought that Gerard Burler would have had much more class then that. Him hooking up with such white trash has turned me off!!! and to think I would have left my husband for him.


Okay, well first:
Lindsay = EW. what happened?
But for one, Lindsay is a whore.
Two, I though Gerry was better than that


how yes no?
c'mon guys.


Oh pleease!! you people don't seriously believe this rubbish???


you'd think she'd lay low for a bit with all the bad press about her lately


lindsay needs to sort herself out before she ends up like britney :|


That's just sad, I would of thought Gerard might of had better taste than that. Gross