Report: Elin Woods Fight Led to Tiger Woods Car Accident; Golfer's Wife Caused Injuries

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Tiger Woods' alleged affair with another woman - rumored to be Rachel Uchitel - may have sparked a fight with his wife, Elin Woods, that led to his car accident.

Woods did not suffer facial lacerations from a car accident, but rather from his wife Elin, according to a conversation the golf legend had Friday after the crash.

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Tiger has yet to be interviewed by the Florida Highway Patrol, but apparently told a non-law enforcement type (who TMZ does not name) what went down.

The story goes like this: Elin Woods confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman a story that we reported yesterday (see above link).

The argument got heated and Elin scratched up Tiger's face.

At that point, Tiger made a break for it, trying to escape via his Cadillac SUV, but Elin Woods followed behind him in hot pursuit - with golf club in hand!

Did Tiger Woods' car accident stem from a fight with Elin?

As he drove away, Elin struck the vehicle several times with the club, at which point Woods became "distracted" and thought the vehicle was stopped.

He looked to see what had happened, and his SUV hit a fire hydrant and then his neighbor's tree. This took place about 2:20 a.m. Friday morning.

Good thing Elin Woods had the golf club, because it helped him escape.

At least according to People and E!, which report that Mrs. Woods smashed out the SUV's back window to free Tiger, who was in and out of consciousness.

The source also claims Woods was taking prescription pain medication for an injury, which may explain why he seemed a bit "out of it" at the scene.

Tiger Woods will be fine after the crash ultimately suffered only minor injuries ... whether Elin Woods really inflicted them is another story.

** Update: Uchitel admitted to TMZ that she has met Tiger before, but has NEVER slept with him. She says the "sources" that spoke to the National Enquirer were each paid $25,000 for their story.


For Dave_C....Tiger won the US OPEN last year, and the BRITISH OPEN in 2006, and he has been married for 5 years!!!! If you don't kmow what you are talking about, don't post your dumbass comment!!


I TOTALLY belive this IZ what happened! it makes too much sense. Especially now that they don't wanna talk to the police about it and this happened at around 2 something in the morning! Tiger she iz not pregnant where were you going? Please stop the bullshit Tiger if she beat you up just say that,you have the money and the laywers to get her a year of probation and ya'll some counseling tell the damn truth,if you was cheating then she should've kicked ya ass!!


well what a man does in the dark will surely come to light one day. very soon the truth of the matter will emerge


Congratulations. Everything you worked for will be locker room fodder. Way to go putz.


Who the fuck cares what he and his wife doe in their private lives.


hey, it's nobody's business for him to go public with it, is stupid, especially if there's a divorce. mum's the word.


Once again the gossip mongering idiots who blog on these "hollywood" sites simply don't get it. Those that don't like Woods are just jealous. He DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR. IT IS MEDIA GENERATED BS. Wait and see as the facts come out Nothing you are reading is substantiated. He had a minor accident traveling too fast down his driveway. If all you haters didn't watch Tru TV and A and E all day you would know his wife's real name and have intelligent comments. But all you do is troll gossips sites looking for salacious lies to make classless unfounded posts. You should be ashamed for disparaging one of America's greatest talents and heroes. Wait for the facts. Nothing in his past or makeup indicates he is lying. If any celebrity deserves the benefit of the doubt and some space it is Woods. SHUT UP LOSERS


Why don't people who are monogamous understand that Non monogamous people are propelled to not tell the truth because its just a control thing for them? if you are at a point where one person is the best , or if you know you want more than one, just telling the effing truth is the best path to go. how efing difficult is this people? tiger has millions and hes a moron cause he doesn't get this simpl e rule @@ helps my miserable life feel better @ dont' cha know?


Well I have never liked Tiger Woods, ever since I read the 1997 interview with him in GQ where he made racist jokes about Black people. I have had zero respect for him. I've always maintained that Woods is a pig (with a face like a frog) and he's shown me right.


The message everyone should take home is celebrity is but a fiction. Fuck them and their media whore 'friends'. They are parasites on the ass hole of humanity.

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