Report: Elin Woods Fight Led to Tiger Woods Car Accident; Golfer's Wife Caused Injuries

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Tiger Woods' alleged affair with another woman - rumored to be Rachel Uchitel - may have sparked a fight with his wife, Elin Woods, that led to his car accident.

Woods did not suffer facial lacerations from a car accident, but rather from his wife Elin, according to a conversation the golf legend had Friday after the crash.

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Tiger has yet to be interviewed by the Florida Highway Patrol, but apparently told a non-law enforcement type (who TMZ does not name) what went down.

The story goes like this: Elin Woods confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman a story that we reported yesterday (see above link).

The argument got heated and Elin scratched up Tiger's face.

At that point, Tiger made a break for it, trying to escape via his Cadillac SUV, but Elin Woods followed behind him in hot pursuit - with golf club in hand!

Did Tiger Woods' car accident stem from a fight with Elin?

As he drove away, Elin struck the vehicle several times with the club, at which point Woods became "distracted" and thought the vehicle was stopped.

He looked to see what had happened, and his SUV hit a fire hydrant and then his neighbor's tree. This took place about 2:20 a.m. Friday morning.

Good thing Elin Woods had the golf club, because it helped him escape.

At least according to People and E!, which report that Mrs. Woods smashed out the SUV's back window to free Tiger, who was in and out of consciousness.

The source also claims Woods was taking prescription pain medication for an injury, which may explain why he seemed a bit "out of it" at the scene.

Tiger Woods will be fine after the crash ultimately suffered only minor injuries ... whether Elin Woods really inflicted them is another story.

** Update: Uchitel admitted to TMZ that she has met Tiger before, but has NEVER slept with him. She says the "sources" that spoke to the National Enquirer were each paid $25,000 for their story.


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you are not the first and you will not be the last.sorry about the incident,but it too shall past....take care.


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Thanks for telling the truth.No matter who Tiger was seeing.He is not the first person to cheat.But its plain that her STUPI wife Elin could have been charged for manslaughter.I hope the police investigate this.


I'm stunned at how many of you think cheating is acceptable under any circumstances. Disgusting, just disgusting.


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