Reliable Source Confirms Robsten Relationship

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It's not a supermarket tabloid or an anonymous source.

This time, a reliable individual with intimate knowledge of the Twilight Saga has confirmed a relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Serious, Sexy Robert Pattinson

In an interview with Time magazine, director Catherine Hardwicke was asked about the rumored, gorgeous couple and replied:

"In terms of what Kristen told me directly, it didn't happen on the first movie. Nothing crossed the line while on the first film... I think it took a long time for Kristen to realize, O.K., I've got to give this a go and really try to be with this person."

D'uh! Has she seen this person?!?

On tour, in love: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pose for photographers.

Robsten still won't acknowledge its romance, but Kristen and Rob were spotted holding hands this week.

In London for a press conference, Stewart touched on Pattinson, telling fans and reporters: ""Rob has that magnetism. It's easy to understand why they're all crazy about him."

That's as close to an admission of love as we're ever gonna get. Aren't these two adorable together?!?


the person who commented Robsten=UGLY LYING SCUM SELF-CENTERED DOUCHEBAGS. first of all u named urself robsten on the comment. second just because you dont like them doesnt meen you can call them all of tht stuff. third have you actually met them? if u havent how do you know they are all of those things.


... who cares if they're dating or not? for crying out loud people... they're human just like you (although i prefer Cedric Diggory over this Edward guy that Pattinson plays), and they have the right to keep their relationship or lack thereof secret from prying eyes. you wouldn't like it if someone you didn't care about butt into all your relationships, why would they?


enouygh already with the atupid couple names, like "Robsen" and "TomKat" and "Brangelina" it's stupid and it's old already. Taylor Lautner is thetruly delicious one. That man is tasty!He'd be the one I'd go for.


Uhm, let me see...did we not all know, no matter what they said, that they were/are together? Unless we're stupid.


i love this couple this couple is gonna to last or maybe this could be to make the movie more greater that is impossible so i am guess they might actully be together this might actully work kistern is a very lucky bicth
i am not jealous at all taylor lautner is who i care about


idk if these two are dating so im not goin to say they are but if they did that would be great! And if they are not dating i just hope after this movie they stay in touch.


umm ..ok lied about what..these two people have not done anything wrong or lied about anything..leave them alone..if they are dating good for them..its their business..but they are not liars..they are two young people trying to figure out their way in life.. who happen to like each other it cant have expected Kristen to stay with the guy she dated from 15 to 17/18 for the rest of her life..good lord leave her alone.


just a little thought here. maybe having them being together couse new moon is coming out in the next few days kinda makes them look like a couple to all of us. but just think about it. these two have other movies in the works and then they will no longer been seen together much. then how is all this talk about them being together going to work out. your going to be seeing Rob with other girls and then new rumors start all over again. some with kristen. i think everyone should just stay out of their privite life and see what happens. maybe in time they will come out as a couple. can we all just think that maybe they could just be great/best friends and that maybe they stand by each other for support. how would you all like if rumors started about how your dating someone that you might not be or something else goes around thats not true? what would you do? defend yourself and say its not true??? i think so!!!


Well, I think it's wonderful... And all signs do point to them being together. But still, it would be fucking wonderful to finally have them just come out and say it - maybe all the crazyness would cool the fuck down, when ppl get some answers. But what do i know? I love them together... Makes me smile. O_o



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