Rachelle Lefevre to Appear at New Moon Premiere

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She may be leaving the Twilight Saga on bad terms, but Rachelle Lefevre won't take it out on her friends or fans.

The actress - who was replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria in Eclipse - will suck up the pain and attend the New Moon premiere in L.A. on November 16.

"She'll be there," a source told Life & Style. "She worked so hard - she wouldn't miss it for the world."

While Lefevre is still angry at producers for how the situation was handled, "she's looking forward to reuniting with her New Moon castmates," said the insider, who added that there's no tension between her and any actors.

The movie opens nationwide on November 20. Are you still upset that Lefevre won't star in Eclipse?


I hope she's ther! She is kind of an important carakter!


i think she was doing a great job as victoria. unfortunately she scheduled another job. it just sucks for the movie i hate seeing actors replaced


I'm still disappointed that she won't be in Eclipse but I'm glad she can rise above it all and put on a good face for the premiere. Classy. They should of died her hair brown and made her Bella instead, since Kristin is so ungrateful.


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Nikki Reed, Rachelle LeFevre, Ashley Greene and Noot Seear
Rachelle Lefevre is best known for her role as Twilight and New Moon as the evil vampire Victoria. But she was replaced by Bryce Dallas... More »
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