Rachel Uchitel Speaks, Denies Tiger Woods Affair

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According to reports, Elin Nordegren attacked husband Tiger Woods' car with a golf club early Friday morning, a rumor that would lead one to believe the golfer was having an extramarital affair.

But this isn't the case says Rachel Uchitel, the woman at the heart of the gossip.

Matt Hahn and Rachel Uchitel

As an events planner, Uchitel admits she's met Woods on a couple of occasions. But she's never seen him outside work and never slept with him, she told The New York Post.

"This is nothing to do with me. We have never had an affair, and the claims we did are completely false... I am really upset about it because I am being portrayed as a homewrecker, when it simply isn’t true.”

Uchitel added that The National Enquirer paid a friend $25,000 to make up the story about her and Tiger.

She claims she offered to take a polygraph for the newspaper to prove her side, but "they refused it. They told me it was too late and the story was running anyway."

In October, Rachel was also accused of sleeping with married actor David Boreanaz. She referenced that in the interview:

“Other things have happened in my past that would prevent me from doing anything like this. I have traveled with men that are quietly more important than Tiger Woods and it is incredibly difficult to get to their hotel room,” she said, referring to the report that she snuck into Tiger's hotel room in Australia earlier this year.

Uchitel doesn't sound like a woman trying to sleep around and make a name for herself, does she?

As someone best known for saving par when facing a difficult lie, we'll see if Tiger can now save his marriage when faced with a series of lies.


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THANK YOU! Stephanie1980. I totally agree.


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These comments are ridiculous! If he cheated then its on HIM not the woman- He's the one that is CHOOSING to cheat on his wife...


Has everyone gone mad!!!! Just typical stuff...men cheat!
And now he has gotten caught. That simple.
Leave poor Rachel alone. She is just another pretty (and don't deny it, because all you men out there would do her if given the opportunity) trying to find love. You were not there! You don't know what lies Tiger was feeding her about his marriage. She is just in search of happiness with someone with money not some poor guy. Who doesn't want money ( or tell me you would rather be poor).
Don't like all this gossip, then mind your own business!


Guilty by association! She already admitted knowing him. If you don't want asshole newspapers to print trash. Stay at home for God sakes! Your a grown man with a lovely wife and 2 litte kids. What would any man want from that skank anyway? If you did have an affair. Grow up and take responsibility as a husband and father!! Just wanted to add my two cents. And FUCK you to the looser with the USER name that refers to hating the USA. What the fuck did you ever invent? If it wasn't for us you would be living in a cave with the rest of the loosers of the world.


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Tiger if this is true, you need to stop it!!!.. When you cheat on your wife you cheat on your kids too!! Rachel simply put, you're just a home reck'n whore. Get youre own man skank!! hopefully when you do, you will reap what you have sewn. Karma is a BEAST


its simple boys and girls. u want side action, stay single! u want to represent a clean image to get endorsement dollars, be true to that image! no false advetising otherwise be prepaired to pay the price when the gig is up. for tiger the gig is up.

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