Levi Johnston Playgirl Pictures: Nude & Released!

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Dying to see Levi Johnston in Playgirl, hockey stick and all?

Then you better get ready to enter your credit card number.

The magazine is milking this thing for all it's worth, telling visitors that they must JOIN NOW TO SEE LEVI JOHNSTON NUDE! Or, um, so we've heard.

Yeah, someone told us ...

Levi Johnston Playgirl Photo

The bottom line? Despite massive hype, you won't even see Levi Johnston nude ... at least full-frontal style. We also don't recommend going to Playgirl's website.

Well, unless your idea of a good Saturday night is being inundated by pop-ups and pop-under ads featuring naked men, in which case, what are you still doing here?!

For your shirtless hunk fix, we suggest the new Twilight movie instead (check out our New Moon review). Taylor Lautner's torso is basically the star of the thing.

Anyway, if you're still interested, we've got another naked (well, semi-naked) picture from Levi's Playgirl spread for you after the jump. Follow it if you must ...

Levi Johnston Playgirl Picture
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We have Palin to thank for introducing us to Levi. As I remember during the campaign, she gushed how he was a wonderful young man and they were thrilled with his joining the family. She obviously needed to spend more time being a mother than a politician and payed more attention to who her daughter was associating with. Americans must have been out of their minds to consider this woman for Vice Prez. Try octomom next time you couldn't do much worse than Palin. If you have any brains America spend your hard earned bucks on feeding hungry kids not on Levi Johnson or Sarah Palin.


@khloe It's spelled "loser", you illiterate 'tard.


levi is a nice person so is his family people should find someone else to write about. im sure his playgirl photos will not disapoint his fans .


Sarah Pailin is using her sex appeal to sell her twisted views to middle America. Levi is using his wares to make a buck. Show the world what your mama gave you, studmuffin!


I say let this guy do what he wants to do, he's an adult. As far as his kid goes he can tell him he posed to provide for him. It has never been said that he's a bad father. There are so many people out there who are talking crap but if they had the chance they would pose for playboy/playgirl. Let this YOUNG adult live his life the way he wants to.


Having been forcibly trotted on the national stage as a perverse example of 'family values', can you really blame the guy for trying to cash in? Palin's 'dirt' in Going Rogue is no different from this guy posing for Playgirl. They're both racing to make a buck before their 15 minutes are up.


eeeuwww i just puke in my mouth


I hate sarh palin and this is what she gets for being such a stupid bitch. thank god these white trash assholes arent running the country.p.s. levi cute face but work on that ass next time. lord knows your next stop is porn but with an ass like that we im glad it wont be gay porn. yep this stallion is all yours ladys.


His five minutes of shame are up. Go retire in Alaska Levi - time is up. You should not be a role model for our kids --- you have done nothing with your life...


I agree some day he regret the mistakes and what will he tell his son? and poor Sarah Palin's daughter to have loved such a looser. I feel sorry for her...she had a son with a looser. I wish she had known what a looser he is before having a child with him. His fame has been based on hating Sarah Palin and spreading lies about her - now everyone who believed him can see that he will do anything to be famous even sell his soul. In the end the truth that he is a liar comes out.