Levi Johnston Playgirl Pictures: Nude & Released!

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Dying to see Levi Johnston in Playgirl, hockey stick and all?

Then you better get ready to enter your credit card number.

The magazine is milking this thing for all it's worth, telling visitors that they must JOIN NOW TO SEE LEVI JOHNSTON NUDE! Or, um, so we've heard.

Yeah, someone told us ...

Levi Johnston Playgirl Photo

The bottom line? Despite massive hype, you won't even see Levi Johnston nude ... at least full-frontal style. We also don't recommend going to Playgirl's website.

Well, unless your idea of a good Saturday night is being inundated by pop-ups and pop-under ads featuring naked men, in which case, what are you still doing here?!

For your shirtless hunk fix, we suggest the new Twilight movie instead (check out our New Moon review). Taylor Lautner's torso is basically the star of the thing.

Anyway, if you're still interested, we've got another naked (well, semi-naked) picture from Levi's Playgirl spread for you after the jump. Follow it if you must ...

Levi Johnston Playgirl Picture
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There is a big difference between exploiting oneself and exploiting others... Sarah "Mooselini" Palin exploits others. She is far worse then this guy, a has-been pageant princess with the brain cells to match. I bet he regrets the day he ever stuck his wick in the Palin trough, now he has to deal with that right-wing, bigoted moron for the rest of his life.


He's attractive enough. Probably more so than most of the guys commenting and more so than most of the men with whom the commenting ladies are fucking. Is he perfect? no. Is he a good-looking, regular guy? yes. Give him a break. He's spent time with Sarah Palin and her insane family. He deserves to cash in.


Ok, so I think Palin is a moron with a pretty face. Now I think Levi is a moron with a pretty....face. What a gene pool! She's such a phony and he can't even use proper grammar. What a bunch of idiots. Guess they're not smart enough to stay out of the limelight. They really should hide under a rock in Alaska. What a gene pool.....


DISAPPOINTMENT! I hope they didn't pay him much for just showing his flat AZZ and some pubic hairs! You can go to a amateur site and see better goods from people posting for FREE!


You are all hypocrite. I'm sure when the magazine is out you will all buy the mag and want to see his package.


I don't know what every one is talking about... He is so sexy!! WOW.. I think he is dreamy.. he is so beautiful..


Leave the kid alone - he is just a little lost and not doing anyone any harm. And by the way I think he is cute - you folks are just jealous Playgirl isn't calling you!!!!!


What a great message to send out to the North American public - knock up your girlfriend, exploit her and her family, trash your "baby mamma's" family in public and get a spread in Playgirl! America, you've come full circle. At this rate, John Gosselin will be the spokesperson for Children's Aid by year's end.


I was looking forward to seeing him nude but he chickened out. Did anyone hear that he is really, um well, let's just say his endowment was that of a wild field mouse? I thought I heard that the photographers are the ones that pulled the plug on the naked shots.... I would just crawl under a rock at that point! Apparently they spent hours trying to plump him up! I guess it could not even be photo shoped.


I think the photo layout was discreet, artistic, and restrained.