Peter Andre Sues Over False Celebrity Gossip

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If there's one thing Peter Andre takes very seriously, it's his children. If there's another, it's that hair. How does it stay in place like that? What product does he use?

Anyway. If there's a third thing, it's his reputation.

The ex-husband of Katie Price sued Britain's Sunday People earlier this year after they reported he had an affair while married to the busty model known as Jordan.

Andre called the infidelity rumors "untrue and hurtful" and apparently they were. A judge ruled in his favor and he won a substantial reward in damages over it.

He's equally adamant about proving he's a good father, too.

The reality star and singer is suing Now magazine for publishing a story this summer suggesting he was at fault for accidents suffered by Katie's disabled son, Harvey.

Peter Andre Smiles

Peter Andre has a reason to smile: He's a good guy!

Harvey's father is Katie's ex, Dwight Yorke, but Andre has raised him since he was very young and still raises him. His attorney released the following statement:

"Mr. Andre was also said to have demanded sick sexual threesomes from his wife, which horrified her and which she did not enjoy, feeling used and like a sex doll."

"Mr. Andre was said to be lying in portraying himself as a loving father and husband. He would never do anything to hurt his children, whom he loves very much."

The magazine admitted it lie and they accepted the story was untrue. Andre had sued the mag for £300,000, but no word on how much he was actually awarded.

Take that, fake celebrity gossip writers! Better watch your back and stick to Robsten or Jennifer Aniston when you need your fake headlines this week, OK! and Star.

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