Peeps Want to See Chris Brown in Jail

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In another leaked quote from Chris Brown: The Interview, airing on Friday on MTV News, the singer says he is “confused” about how the world sees him.

Nine months after he attacked ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris is worried about his public image as he and his former first love promote their new albums.

While he says fans “love me and support me,” Chris says the haters ”don’t want to see me do anything … they wanna see me kind of, basically in jail.”

For now, he's focused on the music. Chris releases his third album, Graffiti, on December 8 while Rihanna’s third album Rated R drops November 23.

Chris Brown Six-Pack

Look at the abs on Chris Brown! Dude clearly works out and keeps his body in great shape. So you know getting slugged in the face by him must have really hurt.

The "dangerous" Brown is on probation and serving community labor for the assault on his ex-girlfriend on Grammy night. Do you think he got a fair sentence?


Well, it's funny, because, everyone like "oh wow, six pack abs". Well Rihanna has eight pack abs! I am not kidding, just stating facts here. But she doesn't flex them very often. This idiot flexes them all the time trying to look cool and strong. Jerk.


Yo I love Chris brown n all u haten ass niggas need 2 back up cuz he's a good person that jus made a mistake but he learned from it n is sorry n it's nor ur businnes anyway so back the fuck up n besides if rihans was jus some random ass person then no 1 would probably give 2 shits about wat happened so leav him alone n u guys dnt no him anyway so u dnt no wat he's really like so mind ur dam business ..... Love u Chris


I love chris brown & he is sorry 4 wat he done so all yall hatin ass people need 2 go get a life and let my man shine!!!!


Of course people want to see him in jail. What he did was a crime and where do criminals go. They go to jail where he should be before he beats the crap outta somebody else. Let's just hope he doesn't kill them next time.


His career is over, he should invest in some business' and make a living that way.


I love love chris brown


People have to learn to let this go...they have both spoke on the topic of that night...they both love each other and in 5 years down the road when all is past, you will see the two of them back together...we will have no control of it nor who are we to judge...he hurt her and now he has to live with it...they both make great music and i will never turn the station when either one of their songs are playing..I think we as outsiders have to let this situation go...we were not the judge in this case not did chris have any prior convictions...he does deserve a second chance...please people...LET IT GO!


F-U Chris Brown. Effing coward.


I will love Chris Brown till the day I die. I've listen to some of Rihanna's new songs and Chris' new songs and musically Chris Is a much better artist. Rihanna's new songs are gay. Anyway love chris and will always love him.


i hate him


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