Paris Hilton "Feeling Very, Very Violated"

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Her word choice may take your mind in an entirely different direction, but the ho-tel heiress was merely referring to the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch.

Even after many of her items were recently returned after her home was robbed last year, Paris Hilton feels "very, very violated" from the experience.

"She was just happy to get some of it back," says younger sister Nicky Hilton.

Paris Hilton was a victim in an allegedly connected string of celebrity burglaries that also included Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Audrina Patridge.


Paris Hilton feels more violated by being robbed than by Doug Reinhardt. Well, presumably. Guy looks like he's into kinky stuff. [Photo: Splash News Online]

Nick Prugo was the first to go down last month. Then last week, many of the other burglars were busted, including alleged mastermind Rachel Lee, 19.

Nicky Hilton remains in disbelief that the crime even took place.

Her sis, she says, "lives in a gated community with supposed state of the art security." One would think that the same applies to the other robbery victims.

Rick Hilton, Nicky and Paris's father, said he didn't know all the details about the burglary, but said of the outcome that his daughter is "happy about it."


i feel violated everytime i see her face in a magazine or on a bus or tv.
she violated supernatural the other week.
i'm happy she got her head chopped off


LMAO! what do they look like


Paris does wrong things-she was in JAIIL! Paris is no better than anyone else!


Paris probably did NOT turn on the alarm or lock the door! DON'T blame the burglar bunch entirely-Paris, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!! What did you forget to do as far as securing your place? P.H=PATHETIC HO!!


Paris is a SELFISH STUPID HO-tel heiress! Paris went to JAIL for a crime-so Paris is like them! Talking about yourself Paris? HYPOCRITE Paris!


Can't blame her.We all would feel that way.
Having your home inaded and treasured items stolen can be very scary.


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