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There are probably hordes of intelligent, well-informed Sarah Palin supporters out there who love the former Alaska Governor for substantive reasons.

But they sure weren't at her recent book signing in Columbus, Ohio.

These interviews conducted with people in line outside a Borders really speak for themselves. Let's just say there weren't a lot of issues being discussed ...

What do you think? Is this representative of Sarah Palin's entire fan base? Do you support her based on actual policies? Leave a comment and tell us why!

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Lindsay Lohan may be on the outs with her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, but that doesn't mean she's not thinking about her and thinking up ways to make her jealous.

For once, we're not talking about nightclub spazz-outs, either.

According to reports, Lindsay has agreed to pose in a new Terry Richardson spread in a French fashion magazine called Purple. And it's going to be a raunchy spread.

We're talking Lindsay Lohan pictures featuring the troubled starlet in some pretty racy positions, including some completely topless photos and even a threesome.

Duck and Cover

Avert your eyes ... or don't! There are Lindsay topless pics to come!

Also interestingly, the threesome shot will find Lindsay sandwiched between a man and woman. Half of that equation is sure to bother Sam, and that's the point.

A source says: "Any photos of Lindsay with another girl in a provocative manner will, of course, irk Sam. Lindsay knows what she’s doing when she sets this up.”

Whatever that means, we look forward to seeing it, and the subsequent Twitter meltdown, and 3 a.m. visit by police after the neighbors complain of screaming.

Maybe she'll even call Michael Lohan about it and he'll leak the recording to Radar Online. That way we'll get to hear about it from her perspective as well.

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Tila Tequila is not known for keeping her clothes on. Or for not appearing in videos that appear online as desperate ploys for attention. That's her bread and butter.

Just the same, the "Internet celebrity" says the leaked, alleged Tila Tequila sex tape making the rounds on the world wide 'net isn't her - and she's gonna sue!

So UNhot

After a 10-second clip of Tila in a compromising position surfaced on the website, Tila’s lawyers said her laptop was stolen and action would be taken.

Tila, however, sings a different tune on Twitter, writing: “There is no sex tape! If I had one it would have come out a long time ago, don’t you think? Geez.”

She makes a valid point. She would've leaked it herself.

A relatively classy Tila Tequila pic. [Photo:]

Tequila also acknowledges that her attorneys are taking action against whomever is slandering her: “Whomever is out there slandering my name, my attorney has filed to take action. You don’t f--k with me & think you can get away with it!”

THG NOTE: Can you really slander her of all people by suggesting she would make a sex tape? There was an insane Tila Tequila nude video rant last week.

Anyway, Tila's lawyer is working OT this week. She is currently suing her ex boyfriend, NFL star Shawne Merriman, for allegedly battering her this fall.

She is requesting $1.5 million in damages, but given that police did not pursue criminal charges against Merriman, we have doubts she'll be getting it.

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Having lost a bit of her spotlight to the Twilight Saga and its cast, a bitter Miley Cyrus continues to slam the franchise.

Earlier this month, Miley said she "didn't believe in" the stories and she "didn't like any of it." It was a classy, mature response... NOT!

Now, Cyrus has gone even further. In an interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up, the singer went off on the movie and its fans. She actually said:

“I think it’s a cult. I think it’s bad. I think it’s like, just people get too into it.”

Funny. Miley didn't say the the same thing about screaming fans that lined up outside the premiere of the Hannah Montana Movie.

Cyrus Picture

Cyrus went on to directly call out the film's followers, implying they were dumb and ignorant.

“For me, I think it’s like when guys look at supermodels and they’re like, ‘That’s the perfect girl.' That’s what those kind of movies do to us,” she said. “They’re like thinking that’s what girls should be like and not everyone is going to be Edward, hate to say it.”

Thank goodness Miley is here to clear that up. Everyone understand now?

In closing, Cyrus took a shot at the Twilight Saga's biggest star.

“Johnny Depp is way hotter than Robert Pattinson, for sure,” she said.


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Whatever your political leanings, Michelle Obama pictures are normally things of classic beauty and grace. One offensive image is causing quite a stir on Google, however.

In fact, the Internet giant has purchased online ads on its own site in an effort to explain to users why a racially offensive image of Michelle Obama keeps on appearing.

Not only does it show up, it's in the top row of Google Image search results.

The Google ad, titled "Offensive Search Results," tries to diffuse the situation and distance the company from the result, which its own algorithms retrieve. Ironic.

"Sometimes our search results can be offensive. We agree," it reads, going on to explain why certain search results appear, and why they may be so highly ranked.

An offensive Michelle Obama picture (not this one) has Google scrambling.

Interestingly, the same Michelle Obama picture had been taken down by Google in the recent past because it violated its guidelines by serving malware to visitors.

Now, however, the offensive photo, which depicts the First Lady in an extremely, racially insensitive light, is on another site that does not violate Google rules.

And there's nothing Google can or will do about it except explain that it can't or won't manipulate its results. Which, clearly, is why the company is so successful.

Google has taken out explanation-oriented ads for other search terms that may turn up offensive results, including a similar one on Image searches for "Jew."

We haven't posted the full-size offensive image of Mrs. Barack Obama, but here's a screen cap, and you can run your own Image search if you're so inclined.

Michelle Obama Offensive Pic

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Dear America: you're a moron.

Despite the fact that Mya was clearly the better mover and shaker, Donny Osmond was crowned the winner of Dancing with the Stars last night.

Upon hearing the news, Osmond ran into the crowd and hugged his wife. He later said: "I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so happy right now! I'm on cloud nine!"

Seriously, Donny. Chill. You beat the likes of Louie Vito and Tom DeLay to win a trophy reserved for those whose careers passed them by years ago. Relax.

Dancing with the Stars Winner

Mya, meanwhile, couldn't help but express disappointment.

"There's so much. There's disappointment, dedication, passion and commitment... I've learned multiple amount of things. It's an experience that you'll never forget for the rest of your life and that you want to share with others."

Do you think the right contestant won? Or do you now shudder at the thought of Osmond racing around from talk show to talk show this week, talking about his hard-earned, BS victory?

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When you already have 14 small children you can't support and are one of the biggest drains on society, what incentive do you have to stop there?

Such is the conundrum of the Octomom.

3 of 14

In a new interview for Good Morning America, Nadya Suleman doesn't dismiss the idea of having more children down the line. It's what she does.

"If I wanted to do it the traditional way and get married, that's like another chapter," Suleman says of getting pregnant again ... God help us all.

The mother, interviewed in her home in La Habra, Calif., as she gets her kids ready for bed, says that she typically sleeps 2-3 hours a night.

No clue how much meth she uses to counter the fatigue.

ALL SMILES: Life is good when you sponge off others.

She spends $1,000 in food and 700 diapers per week, goes through 4.5 gallons of milk and eight loads of laundry per day, and her team of five nannies funded entirely by California taxpayers costs her about $10,000 per month.

That is part of the reason why, Suleman says, she agreed to allow a film documentary crew to follow her around for a series of documentaries (not a "reality TV show"), including one that's already aired in the United Kingdom.

Her payment: approximately $250,000 in the first year.

"I'm dammed if I do and dammed if I don't," she says. "Because if I don't do what I need to do in the media to support the kids, I can't take care of them."

Here's the problem with the giant attention seeker's logic, though. If it weren't for the documentary, she'd have no money. She clearly didn't plan on it ahead of time, and what happens when people lose interest and the bills keep piling up?

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In October 2008, Lisa Ann made a name (and naked body) for herself by starring in Who's Nailin Paylin?

The adult film mocked Sarah Palin, as Ann impersonated the former Vice Presidential candidate and had sex on camera with others acting like politica figures such as Hilary Clinton.

Rob Kardashian Pic

Now, however, the porn star is making entertainment news headline due to who she's nailin: Rob Kardashian!

Lisa Ann confirmed this rumor herself, telling TMZ:

"Rob treats me like his little teacher and we have a fun sexual relationship that is simple and carefree. He brings out the total cougar in me and I just like to teach him things."

Palin would be proud. She's pro education, right?

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The best thing about this Heidi Montag album cover preview?

You don't have to listen to her sing in order to peep it.

Baby Pratt?!

Following a terrible performance at this summer's Miss Universe pageant, The Hills star is taking the leap into the recording world – and she's perfectly aware of what the business is about. Her album, naturally, is called Superficial.

With the album due out January 12, Montag is ready for whatever whirlwind comes her way, telling People, "This cover is a shout out to the '80s!"

"It makes you remember when you just had to run out to the record store and get your favorite album. How you just dreamt of those tapes."

Heidi Montag pays tribute to the mix tape.

Having been born in September 1986, we're sure those memories are extremely fond for the 'tag. Liz Ciganovich, the album's production and art director, said she got the idea for an '80s tribute after seeing Montag's Overdosin' video:

"It reminded me of Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical in the '80s. I thought, 'Let's do a shot that says '80s – lets pay homage to the mix tape!'"

"The hunt was on. I believe I purchased every mixed tape in L.A.!"

Regrettably, a Heidi Montag album won't have other artists on it.

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Having returned to work this week, Dr. Conrad Murray has zero restrictions on his ability to access and administer Propofol, the drug that killed Michael Jackson.

That's a little disturbing, don't you think?

According to TMZ, Dr. Murray still has full privileges to practice and operate at Doctors Hospital Tidwell in Houston, and Propofol is available for Murray's use.

As for ordering the drug, which he gave to Jackson in his home the day he died, Dr. Murray can, if he chooses, get bottles of it without any special limitations.

Worst. Doctor. Ever.

Dr. Conrad Murray? Not an un-shady medical practitioner.

Murray is being investigated by the DEA and the LAPD in connection with Michael Jackson's death. The Texas Medical Board is also taking a look at the doc.

Seriously? There's no probationary period or anything? The LAPD really needs to speed up the Michael Jackson homicide investigation and charge this guy.

Calling him a murderer, as La Toya Jackson did yesterday, may be a bit of a stretch ... but you can't justify letting this guy near any more patients, right?

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