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You all are so pathetic. Someone makes a mistake in their past and you expect them to live their whole lives never doing the right thing. Carrie is an awesome example of how anyone can choose to do things right today, regarless of you wrong yesterday may have been. I applaude her willingness to be still standing today and not allowing those self-righteous such as yourself to keep her in perpetual guilt. No one needs to be if they choose to turn around. I am glad Carrie has done so.


two questions:

1. when can I buy this tape?

2. when the hell did TMZ grow a conscience? They've been sitting on footage from this tape for a month and said nothing about it! Has there been a change in their usual dirtbag journalism?


Remember how Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family supported her? Now comes the tape, and the fun begins...read the unbelievable details here: http://wp.me/pChUJ-5C I think I know why Dobson's retiring now.


Hey ftvv and to all red-blooded male out there, there are not sex tapes leaked! These links saying that you can view Carrie Prejean's sex tapes aren't real.

There are only reports and photos... the video was seen by TMZ ONLY.
Kudos THG for bringing this topic!


wasn't the news about her about to stop? urgg i've heard enough!


BTW....TI was initially The Dirty internet tabloid that said they have a tape (yes, they often make false claims to draw in hit sto thier shiteous site....this is why they aren't very popular)...they said that "legal" is looking into releasing it, but they might not be able to, because they are not a porn site.....this is the same site that had Gretchen ( Real Housewives of OC fame) mastubating with a battery powered lovetoy posted all over....but, now they are worried about legalities of porn....yeah, I call bullshit, too


Whatever...lol...believe me, if they had a sex tape , it would be everywhere (Pigez would have it up fo shizzle...not to mention the moolah they could get for it on the street)!! Lieing assholes....She didn't back away from the table...she got her legal fees and rights to release what they have done to her, without threat of defamation on their part....They gave her what she wanted, she got them on their knees.


Craig is lying. There is no sex tape there. It is, however, a blog devoted to booty (and apparently spyware).

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