OMFG: Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Leads to Lawsuit Settlement!

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As THG readers know, we've taken pleasure in mocking Carrie Prejean throughout her ridiculous ordeal with the Miss California pageant.

But even we had grown tired of this story, were happy to report that the two sides reached a settlement this week and were excited to move on to other items, such as the incredible Robsten spread in Harper's Bazaar.

However, Carrie is clearly the hypocritical gift that keeps on giving. TMZ reports the reason why the disgraced beauty queen was so quick to settle (for no money) with pageant officials:

Because their lawyers produced a homemade Prejean sex tape into evidence.

BL!SSS Magazine Spread

Carrie Prejean supporters were right all along: this photo is nothing, especially when compared to the sex tape Prejean filmed of herself.

The video depicts Prejean pleasuring herself. TMZ claims it actually saw footage from it months ago, but didn't publish it due to the graphic nature.

Once Carrie was made aware of her solo exploits possibly going public, she backed away from the negotiating table. Pageant officials will foot the $100,000 bill for her attorney and publicist, but the Jesus-loving porn star gets nothing.

Her book, however, hits stores this month. Insiders say a rumored title for Still Standing had been Carrie Prejean: Gay Marriage Sucks, I Swallow.

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Pathetic how THG fag-hags are all jealous of Carrie.


I think her worst sin is not believing same sex couples should be able to adopt. There is no excuse for not wanting that. That is so cool and progressive and she doesn't get it. What a shame.


Who gives a @#%! about her political views. Just show us the tape.


so why should the Donald NOT weed out the mss america with the pretty ones staying? is this not a beuaty pagent? or is it an miss america ugly pagent? we look to see the prety gals, as a female i am no dummy, of course we want the cuties, as for miss Prejean, puullleeseee stop giving her the air time, and the mentions, i have a feeling she will be someones worst nightmare, stay clear,


"Someone makes a mistake in their past and you expect them to live their whole lives never doing the right thing." No, someone who puts themselves in the public eye and starts preaching intolerance and is caught red handed themselves. Religious hypocrites are doing this over and over and over and over and over...


Good for her too many people out hear are political correct she needs to speak out and say whatever she wants the gays do it
theyve been flamin out for years you cant get em back in the closet when she went against perez she created this tidal wave against her I say let perez lick mine it would feel so good


OK, so let me get this straight. Because she dared to have an opinion contrary to liberal political correctness, she gets blasted by the liberal media ad infinitum. Gays can say and do whatever they want, and they become 'heroes' for 'standing up for themselves'. THAT is the true hypocracy. If they want special rights to protect against discrimination, then straight conservatives should get the same legal protections from them.


She was entitled to voice her opinion. However, she is showing narcisstic conceit by saying that her opinion is the reason she did not win. Maybe the judges actually thought the young woman that was chosen over her was the best to represent the pageant. PreJean looked to artifical from her implanted boobs, to her veneered teeth. She swaggerned across the stage throwing her hips out much more than the the other girls. Her bikini looked like white underwear. May they wanted someone a little more wholesome, a little more subtle. Someone with more class!


haha well i dunno but the chick is FIIIINEE! she a sexy piece of ass tew bad she aint into gay marriage ha anyways leave duh girl alone yo!


doug is an idiot! you're calling out carrie prejean's critics for being "self righteous"? just cuz you stick up for her on a gossip blog doesn't mean she'll let you stick your d*ck in her, so give it a rest dude.

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