Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson: It's a Girl!

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She wasn't due for another few weeks, but reports say Mel Gibson’s girlfriend/fiance Oksana Grigorieva is said to have given birth to their baby - a girl.

Oksana Grigorieva gave birth Friday, a bit early but everything went well and both mom and daughter are doing just fine, according to Radar Online.

The website reports that mom and the baby are already home.

Mel’s affair with Oksana was uncovered earlier this year by celebrity gossip media after a series of photos of the cozy couple in Costa Rica surfaced.

This while Mel’s marriage was apparently dunzo.

OCTOMEL: Mel Gibson now has eight kids, and one with Oksana Grigorieva!

Mel’s wife Robyn filed for divorce in April, 2009, shortly after the photos were public and Mel admitted he was romantically involved with Oksana Grigorieva.

Mel and Robyn were married 29 years; their marital assets are estimated at around $900 million. Currently, Mel says he has no plans to wed his baby mama.

Mel has six sons and one daughter with Robyn.

Oksana, a Russian singer and lingerie model, has a 12-year-old son with James Bond star Timothy Dalton. She is an accomplished musician and composer.

She released her album Beautiful Heartache in July.


turntable....the baby is here....what happens if the dna is mel's?
then there is no hoax....


Congrats on the new arrival but hopefully Mel now realizes that enough is enough. eight kids thats just crazy


congrats on the new baby
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


she is an opportunist clearly!!!!!!! and he is an idiot........
she also looks like the 8ouplets weirdo mom too...


wow i didn't know he had kids! sucks to be them


Please...what a horrid role model. Seven kids already and a devoted wife that raised them while he was off being Mr. Celebrity and clearly being unfaithful...I will NEVER watch another Mel Gibson film, in the theater or at home! I hope his wife gets her due, and Oksana moves on to make baby number 3 with yet another deep pocketed baby daddy. Disgusting...and a sad reflection of today's declining morality glorified by the press just because they're "celebrities".

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