Offensive Image on Search For Michelle Obama Pictures Prompts Explanation From Google

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Whatever your political leanings, Michelle Obama pictures are normally things of classic beauty and grace. One offensive image is causing quite a stir on Google, however.

In fact, the Internet giant has purchased online ads on its own site in an effort to explain to users why a racially offensive image of Michelle Obama keeps on appearing.

Not only does it show up, it's in the top row of Google Image search results.

The Google ad, titled "Offensive Search Results," tries to diffuse the situation and distance the company from the result, which its own algorithms retrieve. Ironic.

"Sometimes our search results can be offensive. We agree," it reads, going on to explain why certain search results appear, and why they may be so highly ranked.

An offensive Michelle Obama picture (not this one) has Google scrambling.

Interestingly, the same Michelle Obama picture had been taken down by Google in the recent past because it violated its guidelines by serving malware to visitors.

Now, however, the offensive photo, which depicts the First Lady in an extremely, racially insensitive light, is on another site that does not violate Google rules.

And there's nothing Google can or will do about it except explain that it can't or won't manipulate its results. Which, clearly, is why the company is so successful.

Google has taken out explanation-oriented ads for other search terms that may turn up offensive results, including a similar one on Image searches for "Jew."

We haven't posted the full-size offensive image of Mrs. Barack Obama, but here's a screen cap, and you can run your own Image search if you're so inclined.

Michelle Obama Offensive Pic

LMAO wait ,wait, there is a real picture of her and she really does look like one....I will post a link when I find it...
If it is freedom to pass one around of Bush,it's still freedom to pass one around of her.... Bush wasn't involved in the Gulf war, Clinton was...


"if you want to make yourself look good make someone else look bad theory". Did it work for you, FAU?


It makes me laugh when I hear people say "but it's ok if it's a white man being compared to a monkey... it's not ok if it's a black man." THAT is a comment that comes from people who claim to want an end to racism but still want to be treated differently. I'm not saying I approve of the photo, but freedom of speech as an ideal is, in my view, worth putting up with idiots who will say things that I don't approve of.


The person that made that is obviously miserable and doesn't have a life.


You can see that America is still very racist and has a very long way to go, how very sad. GW killed many of innocent people more than any other President and for what WMD? Those pictures of GW as a monkey were based on his lies about the Gulf War. What did this woman ever do to generate such hated remarks. Shame on all you bigots! Look at your history, all the hate and wars in this world were caused by a white men, not the Black race. The white man invented the words hate and racism. He invented them to further his own good, he is a walking contradiction of lies. His overall theory is "if you want to make yourself look good make someone else look bad theory".


Poor lost American souls


If I was actually a chimpanzee, I would be offended by any comparision of me to George Bush.


this is so insulting, it shows disrespect t the first lady n blacks as a whole,why should google alloow this?


I am not suprised @ all whenever a blackman succeeds nonsence such as this surfaces when our former SA president was still in office a similar picture comparin him to a monkey was found in SAPS(South African Police Service) offices the bosses were well aware but did nothing they clearly condone it just like google we've been disrespected by pink/yellow people all our lives it does not bother me anymore the fact that they are pink/yellow in colour does not mean they're superior their superiority was sought from oppresion they took it by force and now struggle to come to terms with the fact that african people are getting successful....i don't care what they compare us to the fact remains we're here to stay and the law has developed over the years they are brought to book for the injustice they do no more getting away with murderin anafrican man simply because you pink/yellow LOL


@ coco "True equality? Not in this lifetime. Until people with power (i.e. Google) can stand up for what is right and not hide behind freedom of innformation/speech etc, we will never have true equality or freedom." Do you not see the contradiction? You're suggesting that Google should not be afforded the freedom of speech so that you can be afforded the freedom of what- not being offended? Absurd. What you have described is INequality. I say, hats off to Google for not allowing their service to become a political battleground- today, its an offensive picture of the First Lady, tomorrow its a picture that portrays the Secretary of State as a nazi or some such... before long, each party will have their own lobby groups actively campaigning to remove any information and images harmful to their image.


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