Offensive Image on Search For Michelle Obama Pictures Prompts Explanation From Google

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Whatever your political leanings, Michelle Obama pictures are normally things of classic beauty and grace. One offensive image is causing quite a stir on Google, however.

In fact, the Internet giant has purchased online ads on its own site in an effort to explain to users why a racially offensive image of Michelle Obama keeps on appearing.

Not only does it show up, it's in the top row of Google Image search results.

The Google ad, titled "Offensive Search Results," tries to diffuse the situation and distance the company from the result, which its own algorithms retrieve. Ironic.

"Sometimes our search results can be offensive. We agree," it reads, going on to explain why certain search results appear, and why they may be so highly ranked.

An offensive Michelle Obama picture (not this one) has Google scrambling.

Interestingly, the same Michelle Obama picture had been taken down by Google in the recent past because it violated its guidelines by serving malware to visitors.

Now, however, the offensive photo, which depicts the First Lady in an extremely, racially insensitive light, is on another site that does not violate Google rules.

And there's nothing Google can or will do about it except explain that it can't or won't manipulate its results. Which, clearly, is why the company is so successful.

Google has taken out explanation-oriented ads for other search terms that may turn up offensive results, including a similar one on Image searches for "Jew."

We haven't posted the full-size offensive image of Mrs. Barack Obama, but here's a screen cap, and you can run your own Image search if you're so inclined.

Michelle Obama Offensive Pic

it happened to Bush now it's happening to the Obamas. Lets see what they do. Will they ask google to go in censorship mode? glad the image is there to show Michelle's salient ressemblance to monkeys to those who have not noticed. The woman is impopular anyway so who cares.


booooooo!!! obama boooooo!!!


is it real??


i feel that insulting the first lady michelle obama is bad. Sarah Palin is stupid and also Bush. Don,t get me started all of you people are rednecks and if you insult me you're racist hicks and yahoos. If you insult me your words go right back at yeah! Kelly you're a racist. Black people don't vote for one color; they vote for all colors. There is something wrong Vermon Norbert you're a racist, you like hatred. Pete your color is crying every where right now and your color makes me sick banana man you better change your home page, the president is a busy person, he works long and hard to help america. Calling his wife a monkey is rude and racist and they are nice and patriotic. Don't waste the president's time. He is busy. Calling his wife MONKEY is a distruction; unless you yourself are stupid a million times?!


Hellion Says:
November 25th, 2009 1:01 PM
Grace and beauty???
I think lazy is probably the best word to describe her. Lazy?!!!!! Explain, please?! Where do you get your opinion and information? What will come out next? She was once on welfare? Can you name another 'lazy' person that graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law? Ignorant! People attack the First Lady because they do not KNOW her. She is much like many of us, a wonderful working mom. GET OVER IT! HATRED IS SAD.


She has EXPOSED herself???? What are you all talking about?? I have not seen a picture of her when she was not fully dressed. If you are talking about her sleeveless dresses, then I have a newsflash for you. Women have been wearing sleeveless dresses as far back as I can remember. I am sure that most of the people complaining about her EXPOSING herself are the same people who look like crap no matter what they are wearing.


I can't tell the difference in the photos


non white american who cares about george bush he didnt like black people i mean be forreal.


This woman does not look like a First Lady should look, she is very UGLY, she is not elegant,she has no class. I still can't believe how people are so kiss ass like those magazines that print all these lies about her being elegant, beautiful, etc. get real and look at her twice, did anybody notice her before she became First Lady? of course not and I still can't beleive Obama being president of the USA.


What is racially offensive? She is african american - right?? So what's offensive? You are what you are. She is not very photogenic in the first place, I would assume its very hard to find her good side . I would like to know where those pictures of classic beauty and grace are. The shorts?? The sweater she met Mrs. Reagan in ?? Not even her access to top designers can make her look good.


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