No One on Melrose Place Likes Ashlee Simpson

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Ashlee Simpson is a terrible actress. In fact, even using the word actress in the same sentence as her name is kind of insulting to female thespians everywhere.

But in addition to her lack of talent, her bad behavior helped get her booted from the new CW remake of Melrose Place, a source close to the cast tells Fox411.

"Ashlee was kicked off Melrose Place because she was a total diva on set, late all the time, and deeply disliked by fellow cast members," the insider spilled.

"It created a lot of discord among the cast.

Of course, another major issue, the source reports, was that "she could barely act." That and producers' need to bring in past stars got Ash the ol' pink slip.

On-set diva Ashlee Simpson is headed for the unemployment line.

Melrose Place producers desperately pushed for Heather Locklear's return as Amanda, but couldn't afford the actress' salary demands without cutting someone.

Choosing who had to go was not hard.

"They basically trimmed the fat and made it possible for Heather to join the show," says the snitch. "Heather is a much bigger name than Ashlee Simpson."

With Ashlee and Colin Egglesfield (whoe unintentionally comedic flirting made them one of our favorite TV couples) exiting in January, and Melrose legend Jack Wagner also rumored to be coming on board, are more cuts still to come?

No word on that just yet, but if the scene last night where David cries at his mother's grave is any indication, Shaun Sipos' agent better start making calls.


Patsy, I agree with most of what you said... but you said that Heather Locklear is a has been who hasn't worked since the original Melrose was cancelled? Ummmm.. she's actually been in SEVERAL different series' since then and done pretty well for herself. Jack Wagner, he also has had a long and fullfilling career on daytime TV. Josie Bassett... she stopped acting for a while after her sister died, but she's done several things since then. Sometimes actors decide to try another venue, like theatre or music... just because you haven't seen them on TV doesn't mean they aren't still a serious part of the acting population. And calling an actor/actress a has been... not very nice.


I too agree with seriously..Ashlee is young, you don't realize how important being on time is when your young. Jessica Simpson couln't sing??And her last song on radio wasn't half bad. Improvement can happen. And I love Jessica Simpson in Employee of the Month!! I loved Dane Cook in this!! There's always I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!! Seriously, is that not nice guy from The Hills gonna get a vasectomy?? This dude is so selfish. Doesn't he realize in this life, it's important to care more about someone else, than yourself. Christ did..and this Spidey or whatever, claims he's a Christian....


Asslee is nasty. I'm fairly certain that the troll she is married to & the kid named after a Jungle Book character, live under a bridge with 3 billy goats gruff.


I used to like her, when she had an interesting nose. She took care of that... and now she's just another plastic-faced heidiwannabe.


O come spank me mommy!


What! She sounds good, looks good and knows how to act, she is what`s up!


What the hell is wrong with you people Ashley`s kick ass! You make me want ah la la!


rosie, i miss you...where'd you go :(


buzz, I wouldn't let rosie bother you, I think I know who she is. She is a trouble maker from Jack Wagner's website, who is obsessed with Bricky. It's make believe, get over it rosie. So glad this is not Jack Wagner's website. The person in charge is some wackjob, who does not allow free speech. I think her name is gizmo or something weird like that. Whatever her name, she is very uptight. All that aside, I'd love to see Jack Wagner on Melrose Place. Only time will tell. I'm so glad Ashlee is gone. She was terrible.


Like I said rosie. I am not out to fool anyone. Just because myself and others disagree with you, you have to accuse me of having alias? You can't accept the truth, that's fine, but sad you have to start making baseless accusations. Before you accuse me, take a good look at yourself. I'm done with you. Goodbye rosie, if in fact that is your real name.

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