Nicole Forrester Insists: I Had Sex with Josh Duhamel!

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As a stripper, Nicole Forrester knows what it takes to stand up strong for her beliefs. Or at least for the guy that's doing her up against the wall of the VIP room.

With that in mind, the busty blonde is sticking to the story she first shared late last month: she danced for actor Josh Duhamel at an Atlanta strip club in early October and then slept with him a week later.

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Duhamel has denied the accusations, but Forrester says she has text messages and a polygraph test as evidence.

"We did hook up and had lots of sex and we had a really, really good time," Forrester told Atlanta radio station Q100's "Bert Show" yesterday.

Of course, Forrester, who sold her story to the National Enquirer for over $20,000, claims she now regrets coming forward. How come?

Because she has children, ages 10 and 3, that had no clue their mommy gave strangers lap dances.

"My son's like: Mom are you doing anything different now? He doesn't want me to do this anymore... I feel like people are just looking at me. It's just bad. It's just an uncomfortable situation with my children and all their friends know."

We're guessing more money would make Nicole feel more comfortable, however.

As for the allegations? She reiterated:

"It's the truth. I'm not lying about anything. I have nothing to hide and he's just guilty as I am."

Do you believe her tale?


Wow its funny how everyone calls her a skank and a whore. Did you forget he's the one married?!


I went to highschool with this girl and she seeks out attention. I am not saying that it is not true but she definitely seeks out any type of attention whether it's negative or positive.


GHD Hair Straighteners, try paying a native English speaker to translate your spam messages. You sound like an idiot.


Well then, I guess she should have kept her mouth shut then, instead of blabbing to the National Inquirer. She is a big time skank, and should be ashamed of herself for embarrassing her children like this. Now they know, MOMMY IS A WHORE!


One word: SKANK.


didn't josh leave his wife for fergie?? once a cheater, always a cheater.

Avatar this is the girl that needs to be slammed....(not physically, calm down Joshy)...She should be ashamed of herself....for bing a ho, and then to brag about it....all while saying it will screw up her kids....She needs to hook up with Jon Gosselin....


" we did hook up and we had lots of sex" hahahahahaha
this girls dosnt sound to bright.
i dont believe it at all. and this girl has 2 kids. i would be sooo pissed at my mom if she did this lol. hahhaha we had a really really good time"
i call shananagins


i hate women like this! it's ridiculous!


Poor kid. 10 years old and finding out that his mom's a ho. Gotta be tough at school.

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