New Moon Stars Smile in Paris

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America, here they come!!!

After greeting fans in Paris this week, the New Moon publicity tour rolls into the United States.

With filming complete, and in one another's company, the main Twilight Saga trio has never looked more relaxed and happy as they did while greeting fans in France a couple days ago.

Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson actually smiled, while Taylor Lautner was his usual handsome self. Take a look:

Yo, Fans!

THG staff members will attend a Q&A session with Kellan Lutz on Thursday. We'll post exclusive photos from the event on our site.

Is there anything specific you'd like us to ask this New Moon star? Ponder that question, send in your answer and click on the photos below for closer looks at Kristen, Rob and Taylor:

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Im a fan of you but not Jacob


Ohh my god! Taylor look awesome.,,,
Kristen look pretty with that dress.,,,
And Rob! Ohh rob u always look outstanding!


I love them
especially Taylor!!!


Watch New Moon at this website: watchmoon. tk


Watch New Moon at this website:


Watch New Moon at this website:


i've seen them in e! news when they were spotted in paris holding hands (romantic eh?)


leave them alone. they are going through a tough time with always being the new-new news. they are all cute and i am glad they're are finally relaxed and having a good time. ya'll are just a bunch of sour_ _ _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar! Omg! But that never happens. At least we have photographic evidence to save for the future. Lol.


kiki is so sweat , and rob is gordeaus !!!

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