New Moon Premiere Pics: Robsten, Taylor and Many More!

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The talk show appearances. The global tour. The magazine covers.

They've all been a dress rehearsal for last night's major event: the official New Moon premiere in Los Angeles!

Naturally, the red carpet showing brought out Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz and other stars from the movie. But it also featured a number of other celebrities, such as...

... Shar Jackson?

Yes, even Kevin Federline's baby mama snagged an invite to the proceedings. Can you find her in the gallery of premiere photos below? Click on each for a larger version:

Very Popular
Red Carpet Stud
Reed, Nikki
Peter and Jennie
Possible Boob Grab
Julianne at the Premiere
Premiere Picture
Fiddy Loves New Moon
Radiant on the Red Carpet
Dakota Fanning Picture
Pretty While Posing
Nicole and Harlow
Michele for New Moon
Totally Shar
BooBoo Stewart Pic
Signing Away
Thank You, Fans
Pretty Patt

[Photos: Splash News]

But, wait New Moon fans, we've got more!



OMG ilove twilight and newmoon i like the vampires better the wolfs i just don't care about i can't wait until eclipse and breaking dawn edward and bella have a baby they name it nessie when nessie grows up she going to mary jacob i love vampires i would like to see ROBERT PATTINSON AND KRISTEN STEWART IN REAL LIFE ROB LIVES IN LONDON HE IS 23 YRS. BELLA LIVE IN LA SHE IS19YRS. I THINK I HOPE BELLA CHOOSE EDWARD BECAUSE ITS GOING TO BE A BATTLE VAMPIRES VS. WERWOLFS BECARFUL EDWARD BELLA WANT LET NOTHING HAPPENED TO YOU. ILIKE TO READ THE BOOKS THEY HAVE SOMTHING IN LA WERE YOU CAN SEE THE STARS AND EDWARD HURY UP AND TURN BELLA IN TO A VAMPIRE.


i love them all!


I think evrybody licks the movies caus thay think edward is cute. But i think jacob is hotter then edward. Jacob is a sexy beast


i love the fact that nicole is there with harlow!!! :D
i cant wait till i see the movie :L


I think most of the fans are fans of the books, not the movies....but all the fans of the books enjoy seeing the world they've created...since all of us have created it already in our mind. We like to compare the differences.


i think that miley does like twilight but she just wants it to be a she probly likes jacob black.


Mm. Wow. I really can not wait for this movie. But I have to admit, the books were a lot better than the movies. Taylor Lautner baby ! :D


Hi I am from India.Saw "twilight" last night and don't understand what the fuss is all about!It's got to be the most boring movie I have seen in a very long time.As for the lead actor's expressions,lets just say botox addict nicole kidman has a wider range of emotions. Do you guys get paid to publicize and hype such totally worthless pieces of "cinema"??? And please do not use the excuse that the hordes of screaming,crazy fans seem to think as you do.Coz that's what they are-screaming and crazy! This post isn't meant to offend anyone,but they are some pretty awesome movies and actors out there who deserve more print space than this. Regards
A reader from India

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