New Adam Lambert Single: Love It or Loathe It?

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He's been making news for crotch grabs and controversial kisses, but Adam Lambert is all about the music.

The singer's debut album premiered at number-three on the Billboard chart last week, as fans have responded positively to the first single off it, "For Your Entertainment." You can check out its official music video right now.

While that song is still burning up the radio, another tune from Lambert has been released online.

It's fast-paced, it's catchy and it's titled "If I Had You." Give it a listen and then share your thoughts on it below...

What do you think of the single?


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This song is very catchy and enjoyable to listen to versus many others on the radio right now. Adam's cd is really good. Adam had many great performances before the AMA's, and his songs on The Early Show and Letterman after the AMA's showcased his voice, and were superb.


Crappy sales.....what planet do you live on. He has been in the Amazon top 10 album sales for two months, and Itunes he has four songs off the album in the top 100. I would say he is laughing all the way to the bank. And good for him. I lived through the first glam rock days and am enjoying the new version very much.


Haha, crappy sales? He sold over 200,000 albums this week. The biggest radio stations in the country are playing his songs too, dude.


His crappy sales pspeak for themselves....he has all sucks, and the radio stations that refuse to play it,


How do you know this? I would love this song as a single, but I haven't seen anything about this as the new single. Whataya Want from Me is the second single after For Your Entertainment. Just wondering where your info came from. Love the song and love Adam Lambert.


You can "leak" any of the songs from Adam Lambert's new album as far as I'm concerned! I love this song!


I love "If I Had You" and I do hope it's the new single, but JJ has a good point. The album's not only been out a week, it was streamed online for a week before that, following the actual leak. This very song is stuck in my head right now because I had it on repeat on my CD player just a few minutes ago. That ain't no leak.