New Adam Lambert Single: Love It or Loathe It?

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He's been making news for crotch grabs and controversial kisses, but Adam Lambert is all about the music.

The singer's debut album premiered at number-three on the Billboard chart last week, as fans have responded positively to the first single off it, "For Your Entertainment." You can check out its official music video right now.

While that song is still burning up the radio, another tune from Lambert has been released online.

It's fast-paced, it's catchy and it's titled "If I Had You." Give it a listen and then share your thoughts on it below...

What do you think of the single?


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I love this song the whole cd rox out ROCK IT OUT ADAM


Wicked Glitter - I thought the very same thing!!! I DO (SOOO VERY MUCH) hope Adam puts out a video album via iTunes (or some other vehicle) of all or most of his songs on the album. After listening to the CD the 1st time, I thought "These songs were made for performance!" I think Adam said somewhere that he had his touring show in mind when he chose the songs for the album. If he doesn't do a video album for iTunes, then a concert DVD would be awesome too! Perhaps the fans should tweet, comment on AO, and/or petition to make this happen?!


I Love If I Had You!! The whole album is out of this world. Never before have I wanted an album so much. It has something for everyone. Adam has the voice of an Angel. He is by far the most Entertaining celebrity that has come along in years. I love his music, his personality, his smile. Every thing about Adam is a Sure Fire Winner


What Do You Want From Me is the second single. I love Broken Open, Fever, Sleepwalker, Pick U Up, Soaked.


i love all of the songs on the album . as far as i'm concerned they can LEAK every single one of them every week for the next year. maybe that IS what they're doing.


This article is made up and totally wrong. As for those posting about Adam's sales being "crappy", what planet are you visiting us from? If Adam's sales are "crappy", what does that make poor Kris's and Allison's? After three weeks of release, Kris's album is still trailing Adam's first week sales by almost 60,000. Plus the fact that unlike Adam, Kris (and to a lesser extent Allison) has very little sales outside the US to speak of to add to his US sales and no prospects of being promoted outside of the US, whereas Adam ......... happy New Year!


This article is full of inaccuracies from start to end. It is pretty much made up and either designed to put the feelers out for If I Had You or designed to defer attention from the song that is the new single (and was intended to be the single before they decided on For Your Entertainment) Whattaya Want From Me - a song that is now being promoted as a single by Adam at appearances, being played on radio but only available as a single at the moment on his official site. They haven't even made it available as a single to itunes yet, why would they be planning another single yet? There are no plans to release If I Had You as a single at the the moment, if at all.


Fun and great club song. Whole CD is great. Why are people still trashing ADAM? I know there is no one else out there worth supporting, but I am sure you could find someone.


At any given time one of Adam's songs is stuck in my head. Right now it's this one and I love it! I was hoping this song would be released as a single and now it has. I would think everyone will just love it because it's such a great song!! The haters are either tone deaf or just plain ignorant when it comes to awesome music!


This is just another one off his album that really has a great beat to it. There is something for everyone on his cd, I love them all !!!!