Miley Cyrus Slams the Twilight Saga

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Jealous much, Miley Cyrus?

Interview by a Cleveland radio station prior to a concert on Sunday night, Cyrus was asked about the Twilight Saga.

She could have simply said she's never read the books or seen a movie in the franchise. Instead, the singer chose to thumb her nose at the series:

"I've never seen [Twilight], nor will I. I don't believe in it. I don't like vampires, I don't like the wolf that pops out of the screen when I'm watching TV at night, I don't want anything to do with it. I don't like the shirts, I don't like any of it."

Jeez, Miles. You don't believe in Twilight?!? We're sorry to report: it exists.

Moreover, that wolf has a name: Taylor Lautner. And, finally, don't worry: no one asking you to have anything to do with it. It was just a question.

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Choose a side in this feud:

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also what i find kinda interesting is that miley brings you great entertainment and good music and when she exercises her first amendment rights, you all turn against her just because she doesnt like something that you all find to be god like. im having a hard time wrapping my mind around that kind of logic.


twilight sucks. its no different from watching any other vampire movie. o wait ya it is, in twilight the vampire falls in love with a mortal girl. thats still no different people. and adding a few fight seens doesn't make it better. it just makes it desperate. twilight should just go away forever. its gay and no one should have to suffer from it.


So, I don't agree with her or anything, and to find Taylor Lautner as a wolf scary is kinda funny, but really, she has a right to her own opinion. Just because she's not insanely obsessed with it like most Twilight fans doesn't make her a "slut". She has other means to prove that if it's true. (I don't know her in real life, so I have no right to judge her.) If people are going to say she bashed the series because she's jealous, then go on to bash her, what's that saying about them? Calm down people. She doesn't have to love it. She can dislike if she wants to. She could have been a little nicer about it, but look at you. Being hypocritical and using words like "whore" and "slut" doesn't make you sound intelligent, just annoying.


Haha. Get the fuck over it. Twilight is crap. Miley is completely right. If one of the Twilight stars was bashing Miley, is it 'cause they're totally jealous? Like, my god, people. And Taylor Lautner doesn't deserve reconition, so who gives a shit what his name is?


TWI-LITE SUCKS! I don't listen to Miley's music, BUT SHE IS RIGHT ON THIS ONE. TwiLITE is boring, it lacks motivation, it doesn't take steps in growth. Even with the CGI the story sucks. This story stays put, and doesn't move forward in great screen-play style. THIS MOVIE IS A FREAKING JOKE. THE WORST WOLF/VAMP MOVIE EVER(it is as cheesy as is Britney's lip sinc, and Nickel Backs attempt at hard rock).


You're so stupid. Stop saying everyone is jealous of Twilight becuase don't like it. Insulting proofs that everyone is right about that "saga". Start to respect everybody's opinions and that way you are going to be respected.


Ok now ur just jealous because you are no longer in the spotlight. well guess what??? TWILIGHT HAS KICKED YOU OUT FOR GOOD! YOUR DONE CYRUS!


Miley you IDIOT!!! Twilight is WWAAAYYY more popular than you will ever be and you have no right to diss it! I can't believe you would slam it like that! And just so you know, everyone is a fan of twilight, but you have NO FANS older than 5! My 6 year old sister now thinks your a loser for dissing twilight!


obviously, ugly miley cyrus is so jealous of twilight. she has no love in her heart because if she did, she would love twilight because twilight is about love!!! and she dont like the wolf cause she wishes she had taylor lautner!! and edward!! and probably bella!!! she's jealous cause she aint pretty enough to be rosalie!!!!


GEEZ, when can we, or say, any celebrity, be honest. Miley is as human as any of us. I can't stand the tinsel delirious hype on Twi-freaking-light. I fell asleep on the first, tried watching it again, fell asleep again. Miley DOES have a point, and why not speak about something that's not that good instead of letting that moment pass you by. We all do it, why not her. Please. Twilight is a big screen Soap Dish, it goes nowhere, it stays boring(even with the CGI). Twilight IS the worst Vamp/Wolf movie to ever hit the screen. It truly is.

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