Miley Cyrus Named Seventeen's Most Stylish Star

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She may be the worst celebrity influence on the planet, but, hey at least Miley Cyrus has style!

At least that's what Seventeen magazine thinks and/or what Miley's publicist convinced it to write.

Cyrus covers the December 2009/January 2010 issue of the publication and is chosen as its Style Star of the Year inside. Someone with an affection for stripper outfits wrote:

“She finally shed her Hannah Montana shell and showed the world she’s an A-lister with it-girl style, which is why Seventeen is honoring Miley as our Style Star of the Year!”


Is Miley really the most stylish celebrity of 2009? We've posted many of her fashion choices from the year below and are asking readers to chime in with their opinion...

Miley Poses
Photo of Miley
Red Carpet Look
Matching Miley
Hannah Montana Star
Pole Dancing Miley
Tiny Skirt
Partying in the USA
Hannah Montana Premiere Pic
In Glamour

I guess she has style, but I don't think she's the most stylish out there. And its hard to believe that a lot of young little girls look up to her .


Before anyone bashes her too much, I think we need to at least say that at the age she is, it's tough, you are getting more mature and you want to dress more mature yet you are still some what of a kid too. To make matters worse she IS in the public eye. That being said, if she were MY daughter and was famous and was the inspiration of many younger aged girls, I would try my best to get her to NOT dress so trashy. I don't think that Hannah Montana is the little girl's show it used to be. Now that she's older and the theme of the show is older, it's not really geared toward the little girls, at least I hope not. As far as being most stylish, no....most stylish in the teen category should be someone with a classy style of dress which she doesn't qualify for. So I say they made a bad choice.


Seventeen has got it WRONG!! Miley has NO style and like the 3:34 comment, always looks like a PROSTITUTE!! will BOYCOTT Seventeen!


Miley is the WORST CELEBRITY INFLUENCE and has NO style!! Miley dresses like a SLUT, PPROSTITUTE and WHORE!! Miley is UGLY and is a LOSER!!


I know one thing for sure people who write for these kind of sites
have no class!!!

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