Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth is My BFF!

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Miley Cyrus has been spotted making out with Liam Hemsworth.

She says she's "never gotten along with someone so well." Still, the singer is taking a page from Kristen Stewart and refuses to actually acknowledge a relationship with her co-star from The Last Song.

In the latest issue of Seventeen, she says:

"I was a little anxious about making this movie; I wanted everything to be perfect. To go on set and feel insecure was a totally new element for me. But he felt the same way. He admitted his insecurities, and it was really nice to have someone who understands me for once."

Watch Miley and Liam in The Last Song trailer, and check them out below in a scene from the film:

Cyrus added:

"We've decided that any type of relationship that we have, we will always just keep it very D.L. First and foremost, we are best friends, so that's what I tell people all the time."

We're the Web's harshest Miley critics and we'd prefer if she simply stated that she and Liam were an item. But we used to make fun of the singer all the time for sharing every thought on Twitter.

We can't turn around and make fun of her now for wanting to keep her private life private. If she's happy, we guess we're happy. Hopefully, she'll at least dance like a stripper again soon and we can go off on that.


Someone already commented to 1:54 PM-so this is to 2:55 PM-What would Miley do? Nothing, like she does now!! Miley ia an UGLY NO TALENT SELF-ABSORBED LOSER!! You didn't even answer your own ? Miley CANNOT sing or ACT! Miley is a JEALOUS HO!! She sounds like a NASAL CAT!


We, who comment NEGATIVE things about Miley-CAN-WE DON'T LIKE HER!! You are obsessed with her and pathetic-you CANNOT spell! Are you a SLUT too?


I don't think it's nice that people slam her about all the time. But what would she do if we all stopped running down the road to get a picture of her, I wonder? I don't think she only thinks about herself, but I do think that it's great that's she has dropped the whole 'Nick Jonas my soul mate' thing. It's nice to see her growing up, maybe a little too fast but hey!- Who can't relate to that? Maybe not as bad as a stripper pole on live television, but we all did something.


its funn y how everyoine who comments on mileys posts have only negative things to say. it just shows you're obsessed with her. its pathetic. But I have to say, he's gotta be her BF, not BFF. Lets drop the last F, Miley. She does go trhough a lot of boyfriends, I have to say. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but she does. She's 17 and she dated at least 3 guys. (Nick Jonas, that guy in those pictures, Justin Gaston, now probably Liam Hemsworth, and possibly that guy from the Hannnah Montanna movie.)


Headline should read: Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus is My BFF!! Like above comment-Miley is so totally IN LOVE WITH HERSELF and ONLY HERSELF!!


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the girl is an idiot! every guy she lusts after is a BFF & everyone she talks about is her best friend. girl does not have the concept of best friend or what love really is. she needs a PR person to speak for her - she sings about JZ songs but never heard one & claims she does not listen to pop music, which is what her music & most of her friends music is classified as - so I guess she does not listen to Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Jonas Brothers, and so on. she would sound more intelligent if she did not speak.

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