Miley Cyrus: Liam Hemsworth is My BFF!

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Miley Cyrus has been spotted making out with Liam Hemsworth.

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    ok....???/ miley can be a bit full of herself sometimes and she can act like a slut SOMETIMES like e.g wearing mini mini mini skirts and flashing her bra in public and all that but just give her chance.Im not saying that u hav 2 LUV her but im just saying that shes getting older now and hopefully more mature so give her a chance and u neva no u could end up loving her ttyl! x


    It's probably hard for Miley to admit Liam's her boyfriend when she stole him from someone else after 5 years. That's pretty low, I'd be embarassed too. The silly girl was obviously playing with both Justin and Liam in August, her Twitter then airport photos prove that. I believe Liam's poor unaware heartbroken EX called him her BFF too. I read this cheater was following Miley on tour, he's just another jobless, looking for fame hopeful. I won't be seeing the Last Song movie. They make me sick, sorry Greg and Kelly.
    Oh well until the next movie, when she'll have another life changing experience and another got along so well BFF.


    Yes, she's a teenager and she makes mistakes - heard it all before. Miley Cyrus will 'fall in love' with any guy who takes notice of her. To be honest, I feel sorry for Nick Jonas as he now has to live with his name in a book called 'Miles to go' as 'Mr Prince Charming' as I've heard. She auditions for twilight - then says she hates it and will never watch the film. She only gets the part of Hannah Montana as her father had a one hit wonder. She cannot act, neither sing. Overall, I think she is growing up way to fast. I think she needs to realise that a FOURTEEN year old has no idea where love comes in as your a child - and a 16 year old doesn't either. Good day, I said my piece. Now when will she go away?!


    I'll be honest with you - I do not like her! I agree with you when you say she cannot sing or act. You are correct! But; what would she do if we turned all our attention and took the limelight off her? Her dad would go crazy of course! The only reason she got the part of Hannah Montana was because of her dad - no doubt about it.


    she is such Bitch!! hate her OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe she would steal a boyfreind from that girl i don't ever know!?


    Yeah, the thing is Miley is IN LOVE WITH HERSELF and ONLY HERSELF!! Mileys a SLUT-only SEX and LUST is on her mind-so CONCEITED Miley thinks every guy is after her-they want her money and publicity-NOT Miley! GET OVER YOURSELF Miley-you are NOT all that!!


    U know what sucks?
    Miley goes after every guy she films a movie with.
    First it was Lucas Till from the Hannah Montana Movie
    Now it's Liam, I just really wonder how Lucas feels.


    why do people think miley is so bad???? ok u knw what why do u even care if liam is her BF???? or BFF? i dont care. if she doesnt want to share its ok. its not easy admitting u have a boyfriend to the world and its harder to break the news to your parents as well.


    HE can do so much better.


    SUPER comments 8:17 and 10:39 AM!!

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