Miley Cyrus: Jay Z Who?!?

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Miley Cyrus is a liar and a fraud.

In her hit single, "Party in the USA," Cyrus gets all excited when a "Jay Z song" comes on the radio. In reality? The singer has never heard a single rap by this artist.

Cyrus says as much in an interview she gave on Halloween (posted after this article's jump). The star goes on to admit that she's not a fan of her own genre, saying:

"I don't listen to pop music."

But... you're a pop music superstar. What are you trying to say, Miles, that you don't write your own songs, have any say in which you sing and are nothing but a packaged Disney artist that will do anything your label tells you?

Fake Miles

Cyrus adds that "Party in the USA" is "not even my style of music." For some reason, though, a higher power wants good things for this crooner.

"I'm really blessed for it to have done as well as it has. Totally blessed," she said. "God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people."

We wonder if God also helped Miley choreograph the dance moves for this song when she performed it at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.


That's kinda mean of the article.its kinda insulting to catholics and christians like saying "We wonder if God also helped Miley choreograph the dance moves for this song when she performed it at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.".I don't like this's very bias!


She admits to not liking what she's doing, and thanks God for putting her in that position...AKA, she's real glad your little daughter gets you to drop cash on her products day in and day out, and that's the only reason she does what she does. This girl needs to find something worthwhile to contribute to in this world. Maybe she could contribute some of her undeserved fortune to music in schools or something...give some other young girls a chance to make music. Maybe they'll actually do it because they love it.


just leave miley alone its hard enough having to deal with her life and having to hear bad and untrue and STUPID gossip about he.! come on everyone that writes bad things about her clearly doesnt have a life and clearly their lifes are misserble and have no friends so they just want people to hate someone else and make someone elses life misserable. GET MC HATERS, find beter things to do with your time and try getting some friends LOSERS!!!! miley cyrus is my idol!!! so shame you stupid losers you havent covinced me to hate her and you never will!!!


not every ones a christian


miley i am not on this site to comment you....i hate you because you and fat ass witch is mandy...are soooooooooo soooooooo uglt and why are you even making fun of demi's teeth when hers are soooooo much better than your or mandy!!!!!!so shut you fat as up and continue being the next brittny spears.....but there is a difference between you guys.....i like britny and not you!!!!!!!!!!!! think for once in your life cuz when you do become brittny you are going to regret not doing all tha things your"fans" are telling you!!!!!!!!!!! think molly


i am a middle aged irish porter. i like pretty young teen girls but being so poor i cant afford them . i do like jerking off with myley cyrus photos. i pretend i am making her preggo.


haha wow bcbgirls i think its funny how you say you are a christian and use all those bad words...He is looking down dissapointed you could say that...go cry yourself to sleep because you wish that you were Miley...oh by the way you need to go to school or get a dictionary because your grammar is horrible you dont even know the difference between break and brake hahaha


Umm Well tha was harsh dont u fink lol Aww


at first i really dont like miley. but now. OMG its like im one of her stalker. kidding!. i adore her so much.


bcbgirls.. Holy crap your a Christain? Your language doesn't sound like it.


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