Miley Cyrus: Jay Z Who?!?

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Miley Cyrus is a liar and a fraud.

In her hit single, "Party in the USA," Cyrus gets all excited when a "Jay Z song" comes on the radio. In reality? The singer has never heard a single rap by this artist.

Cyrus says as much in an interview she gave on Halloween (posted after this article's jump). The star goes on to admit that she's not a fan of her own genre, saying:

"I don't listen to pop music."

But... you're a pop music superstar. What are you trying to say, Miles, that you don't write your own songs, have any say in which you sing and are nothing but a packaged Disney artist that will do anything your label tells you?

Fake Miles

Cyrus adds that "Party in the USA" is "not even my style of music." For some reason, though, a higher power wants good things for this crooner.

"I'm really blessed for it to have done as well as it has. Totally blessed," she said. "God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people."

We wonder if God also helped Miley choreograph the dance moves for this song when she performed it at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.


It's a pretty great song though I'm too old to know what else she does. Why not give her (and whoever wrote it)credit for a good job? The song describes someone who feels nervous even thought she's becoming a star, and then feels secure. It's an encouraging song for people on every level.


@jerry what EXACTLY is the "christian lifestyle"? acting like a psycho, repressed, judgemental religious zealot? one doesn't have to live the way anyone preaches to believe in christ as more than just a historical figure.. we're all sinners, even the devout.. miley is allowed to praise god or whatever she belives in and still, omg, what a concept, act like a TEENAGER... she's an entertainer, not a nun.. am i the only one that remember the type of shit MOST 14-17 y/o's get into? her image is sqeaky clean in comparison..


she LOVES pop music! she's always admitted to being a britney fan.. it don't get more pop than that! oh wait, at the moment, she carries that distinction.. i have slightly pretentious/very eclectic musical taste and even i don't bash pop.. she's clearly trying to pull a pink or a kelly clarkson [abandoning the image/style they came out the gate with] and wants to have credibility as an artist.. edgier or not, it will always be pop.. it will always be mainstream.. love you miley, but try again!


I've gained a lot of respect for her as a person, but less as an artist. I am glad to hear that she doesn't like the shit that she plays, but I hate the fact that she subjects herself to being completely fake and used by a corporation. So in short she isn't as tasteless as i thought she was, but she is still a complete fake.


Hahahaha, damn you people are so interesting.
Do yall realize how foolish you make yourselves look?
So-called "Christians" talkin mad shit and wishing death on someone, good job repin' the cross there honey. (or whatever it is that you believers say)
And just all the mad shit talkin. You look like complete idiots.
I for one can't stand the girl or her music, but yall just take it too far. Give it a rest state your point and be done with it and keep in mind; NO ONE ELSE CARES. Especially the celebrities you direct your words at. They're still famous and successful and you're not. Good day,
[PS, How.much.can.I.stress.yall.sound.ridiculous.?]


Dude she's such garbage. Her songs are written for her and she has very little class, inteligence, and most importantly TALENT. I feel bad for the talented musicians who never go anywhere because people like Miley who don't have any creativity, can't write their own music and are packages built by people like disney, are hogging the musical spotlight.


There are countless "stars" who dont write their own songs or dance moves and do whatever their label says! So why is Miss Cyrus such a big deal!?! Leave the poor kid alone. Most of everyone who bashes on her are adults so GROWUP! If you dont like her or her music or her family, stop paying attention to them. seriously people piss me off... She is just do her job, its just like everyones first job, except everyone in the world knows about it. Like i said, she is just a kid...BACK OFF!


@njk: She's your most common kind. The one who's boisterous enough to attempt to shove christian bullshit down your throat and then not come anywhere near living the lifestyle they say they do, or the one they preach to you.


hey miley all im gonna say is that to follow your dreams=]=]
take care..
sincerely jackie;from el paso tx=]=]


Her posture is almost as horrible as her speaking voice. And she sings? Ewwwwwww. And gets paid for it? Jeez.


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