Miley Cyrus Compares Twilight Saga to a Cult, Is a Jealous Hypocrite

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Having lost a bit of her spotlight to the Twilight Saga and its cast, a bitter Miley Cyrus continues to slam the franchise.

Earlier this month, Miley said she "didn't believe in" the stories and she "didn't like any of it." It was a classy, mature response... NOT!

Now, Cyrus has gone even further. In an interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up, the singer went off on the movie and its fans. She actually said:

“I think it’s a cult. I think it’s bad. I think it’s like, just people get too into it.”

Funny. Miley didn't say the the same thing about screaming fans that lined up outside the premiere of the Hannah Montana Movie.

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Cyrus went on to directly call out the film's followers, implying they were dumb and ignorant.

“For me, I think it’s like when guys look at supermodels and they’re like, ‘That’s the perfect girl.' That’s what those kind of movies do to us,” she said. “They’re like thinking that’s what girls should be like and not everyone is going to be Edward, hate to say it.”

Thank goodness Miley is here to clear that up. Everyone understand now?

In closing, Cyrus took a shot at the Twilight Saga's biggest star.

“Johnny Depp is way hotter than Robert Pattinson, for sure,” she said.



Funny she hates Twilight so much, but her clothing line makes Twilight shirts. I just got my twilight shirt in the mail, not knowing the brand was Miley Cyrus! Maybe she should pay attention more to where her money comes from.


I see she got her teeth fixed but it still sounds like she is suckin on a turd when she talks. she is just trying to start a war so that she can stay on the front page of all the gossip mags, Please just go back to what ever hole you crawled out of and take your 3 fans with you. you dress like a retard, you talk like a retard, you act like a retard so that must mean you are a retard, your sad attempts at starting some sort of fashion trend is totaly hideous, and I cant wait to see you on Vh1's where are they now cause there you'll be, 300 pounds, in your ripped up leggins and transformer tee with no teeth and a prison inmate for a husband....hahahahahahaha Make Daddy proud!!!!!


I have been a huge non-supporter of this dumb twit since her idiotic show came out. My girls are not allowed to watch that trash, listen to her gawd awful music or purchase anything from those rags she calls a clothing line. She cannot sing, or act and lucky for her her father had 1 song that made him some money because if he hadnt this little country bumpkin would have had to rely on talent, unlucky for us because here she is, on every magazine cover, all over the internet, all over the world!! I am however waiting for scandal (ya know they all have one) so I can lol as she crashes and burns!!!!! Go away miley You SUCK!!!! P.S. The age of her fans are 4-12 so I cant call them a clan, that would just be mean, but I will say when they get older and someone else that has talent fills her spot where will she be then?? Hopefully a distant memory!!!


i bet shes a potterhead


and how dare she talk about my edward like that!!!
she is just jealous that twilight is more popular and if u ask me...better


as i twihard fanpire i am offended that she thinks twilight is a cult
sure she can have her own opinion
but she shouldnt talk she has crazy fans as well
i dont see how she is so great


mileys right. twilight is fake and gives young people wrong ideas. people are insanely in love with twilight and its ridiculous.


why cant ya'll just leve her alone i bet yall just jelous of her


"im pretty much awesome"
sure honey, keep thinking that and you'll get VERY far.
No wonder everyone thinks your a bad influence.


I hate how people praise Twilight so much but I also hate how people praise Miley. She's clearly very rude. Yeah you can have an opinion but dude make it professional don't be all " like like like like like like it's bad, it's a cult like yeah"
If you like twilight it's ok even if you like miley but for pete's sake a cult?
get over yourself. twilight will blow over eventually miley.... and so will you


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