Michaele Salahi: A Career Con-Artist

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White House state dinner crasher Michaele Salahi is apparently old pro (or at least an old cheap hack who needs to be locked up) at whatever it is she does.

According to a source, the Real Housewives of D.C. fraud once tried to fake being a cheerleader for the NFL's Washington Redskins ... for reasons unknown.

Tareq and Michaele

A former cheerleader who worked with the poser at Nordstroms in McClean, Va., from 1989-1994, was shocked to see her at a 2005 Redskins Cheerleader Alumni reunion. The source says she had no idea Michaele Salahi was a cheerleader.

That's because she wasn't. Team officials have no record proving her claims of being on the squad. Yet she lied her way into the 2005 reunion anyway.

Not quite as serious as somehow posing as a socialite, getting past security and crashing a state dinner at the White House, but equally puzzling.

Michaele Salahi met the President of the United States last week. Pretty soon, we imagine she will be meeting with members of the United States Secret Service.

Michaele and her husband, fellow state dinner crasher Tareq Salahi, had a private box at FedEx Field, where the team plays, and invited some of the real cheerleaders back to the their seats to hang out after the halftime performance.

“It became apparent she was trying to fake her way into looking like a Redskins cheerleader, to position herself as a social gem in society," the source says.

“Micahele is a con artist on every level.”

One who might consider seeing a shrink. Wonder if Bravo will rename its new show The Mentally Unstable, Pathetic Frauds Who Pose as Rich Housewives of D.C.


I find both of them really sad. Imagine having such a low opinion of yourself that you would expose yourself to public ridicule and the object of laughter among the real socialites of Washington


Only have one observation. Why are we all beating up on an obviously 'sick' woman? Are we all really that bored with our own lives? Tsk and shame...


She does look a little bit tranny. Is she a man?


Michaela doesn't suffer from MS! It's BS she suffers from!


Michaela is NUTS!! She lies about what she ate for breakfast! NUTS!!!!!!!


the salahis shared a suite with three other companies that year and I was at the game when she made a big deal of going down to the field at half time since she was a former cheerleader. I asked her about her time as a cheerleader and she lied straight to my face. This woman is an unstable kook. the suite i had was just down the hall and I recall the servers (ridgewells) always complained about the sorry treatment and no tips they received from the "high rollers"


She's a woman- but not a born and bred socialite. She was raised in Oakton, VA- graduated from Oakton High as Missy Holt. Claimed in yearbook to be in a lot of clubs she was never in. We all laugh about it.


Blond is blond is blond, now exposed.


Has anyone noticed how tall Michaele is for a woman? And what a large adam's apple she has? The name Michaele is just one letter removed from the name Michael. Is that a coincidence or a freudian slip? Could she possibly have spent money on plastic surgery as well as her make up? And doesn't her voice sould more than a little husky? Perhaps it is all nothing, but these things are curiosities....

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