Michael Lohan Leaks Tape of Jon Gosselin Ranting About TLC, Exposing Kids to Pedophiles

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Having already alienated his entire family, Michael Lohan has turned on Jon Gosselin and leaked an audio tape of a phone call the two had earlier this year.

In the nearly four-minute call, Jon spouts off about his contract with TLC, Hailey Glassman and Kate Major, and how he will not be "scare tactic'd." His words.

But here's the real choice quote from the call:

"I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet and they never got paid for it?" Jon says on tape, obtained by Radar Online. "It's disgusting."

In more ways than one.

Gosselin made that claim as part of his theory that TLC was being compensated for stories about the show that appeared in People and Good Housekeeping.

They were not. But Gosselin was upset at what he saw as TLC exploiting him and profiting off his family and wanted to get a piece of the action for himself.

Bad Dad
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"It's like a shopping game now," he told Lohan "Because everyone knows I talked. So like, 'Oh my God, he's free game now cause TLC doesn't give a f--k.'

Jon's rants to Lohan, who wanted to rep him, continued: "They don't! They haven't said s--t! What the f--k? Why the f--k didn't I do this, like, months ago?"

"They tried to scare tactic me. They tried to scare tactic me. Why the f--k should they get paid and not my kids? And I see now they know that I know."

"I know that they struck side deals and that none of that money went to my kids. To leak that to the public? Oh my god, Michael, can you imagine? They'd be so f--ked! Their stock would tank! That they stole from eight kids!"

As for his past relationships, Jon's ramblings were similarly (in)coherent.

"The Kate Major thing - I tried to do all the In Touch things and say... you know we're friends, it didn't work out, blah, blah. Then she goes, 'Oh, I look so bad.' You do not look bad. You look like ... you know we hung out? Still don't get it? F--k!"

The recording also makes it clear that Lohan and Gosselin were indeed pitching their own reality project, something both have denied in recent weeks.

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Jon Gosseline is the biggest loser of 2009 and likely 2010. Kate will be well rid of the moron. His antics, drug use, hanging out with Glassman, whose photos trashed on alcohol and using drugs are all over the place. To think Jon feels she is a good influence on his children. Get real, loser. I hope Kate can make something positive in the future with TLC as she needs to become the bread winner. I hope the court gives full custody to Kate and supervised and restricted visitation to Jon. He deserves nothing more.


He's gone off the deep end he just rambles when he talks half the time he doesnt even make any sense, He is repsonsible for his own behavior this has nothing to do now with his exwife. This is him being weird and creepy


i dont no why


why you so upset with him baby


Kate is such an asswipe
A strong and pushy German, stubborn to get what she wants, exactly how she wants it--to suck more money at the expense of her kids
You can just feel how cruel and determined she is by the tone and sound of her voice
She repeatedly beats us viewers to death with her rehearsed comments "I'm only doing this for my kids, over and over and over and over
She got so used to the luxurious life , with nannies, cooks, babysitters, mansion, SUV's, hairstylist, manicures, pedicures, expensive clothes.
That she';s holding on with all her might, not to let it slip away
This couple started with NOTHING and to reach this point of wealth is extremely lucky
Neither one of them is appreciative, instead they are greedy and coniving

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