Investigators in Michael Jackson Homicide Case Being Extremely Thorough

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Michael Jackson passed away June 25, and Dr. Conrad Murray has been the singular focal point of the police investigation into the star's death for months now.

Still, no charges have been pressed. What the heck's taking so long?

The LAPD and the D.A.'s office have two words for you: O.J.

MJ's homicide investigation is taking so much longer than expected, because, as one law enforcement source connected with the case said, "We've had bad luck with big cases like O.J. in the past, and we don't want to repeat those mistakes."

O.J. Simpson, many of you surely recall, was acquitted of double murder in 1995 despite a seemingly air tight case - one that unraveled after various blunders.

Fortunately, O.J. got his 13 years later after he kidnapped and robbed some people. But the police want to make sure Murray doesn't slip through their fingers.

This Is It

The source also pointed to the Robert Blake case, which some experts believe was also botched. But the source added, "There is not a problem with the case."

"Time is on our side. We want to do this right."

There is no pressure to speed things up, department insiders say, and as a result, the L.A. County D.A.'s office and the LAPD have been meticulously working as a unit to "anticipate defense strategies and prepare for them."

The D.A.'s office is actively involved, requesting lots of info from the LAPD as the investigation proceeds. Among the issues they are still yet to fully reconcile:

  • Officials have keyed in on Applied Pharmacy in Las Vegas, and want to make sure there were no other pharmacies sending Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray.
  • Another issue: authorities have gone back to their medical experts for more input, as "strategies have changed" in a case they call "very complicated."

As for when the investigation will conclude, authorities are saying they'd like to end it "before the Christmas holidays," but that could get pushed to January.


They won't mess this one up as well, huh? So we know OJ killed his wife, and its pretty obvious that Murray is responsible for the death of MJ, and the politician guy with his money in the fridge...but they will get justice, for sure, with out mercy...and why? There must be some kind of connection...


i don't know why is this held .because mj is great person now he is not with us some people take it like a joke and make fun.but i just want him back. i relly miss him.i love you mj . please come back mj;THE KING OF POP;


I do not understand why it is taking so long to press charges on Dr. Murray? Do the police know where this man is? I've been a fan of Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five for a very long time. I would like to see justice for what Dr Murray did, not just for Michael fans worldwide, but for his family and his children. Now five months later, no arrest has be made. We know that Michael Jackson was healthy except some arthritis in his back,knees and some lungs problems, that did not kill him. Michael Jackson was healthy for a man of his age. I saw Michael Jackson This Is It movie and I have to tell you Michael looked good to me. Michael was excited, joking around and was involved in everything to make sure his fans like myself would be entertained. Michael was on his way of having a comeback and Dr. Murray snuffed him out just like that. I still can not believe Michael is gone. I hope the DA put Dr Murray away for a very long time. Rest in Peace Michael, Rest in Peace.


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