Melrose Place Poster Hypes Return of Heather Locklear

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You might wanna turn away, Jessica Simpson.

A couple days after the busty, worthless, bitter singer Tweeted that Melrose Place is "crap," The CW drama is ramping up its promotional efforts.

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner Photo

Just two weeks away from the return of Heather Locklear as Amanda Woodward, the network has released the following new poster:

Indeed, Locklear reprises her iconic role on November 17, as Amanda returns to Los Angeles to run the PR firm at which Katie Cassidy's Ella works.

With ratings for the Melrose Place remake sinking faster than Ashlee Simpson's acting career, producers hope this casting coup will pay off.

Will you tune in for Locklear's return to primetime television?

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This is all I have to say in a Nutshell, My Favorite Primo B*tch is back and she is Hotter Than Ever!!!!!!!! Long Live Amanda! I can't wait!!!!! 2 Days people Until The B*tch is Back. I will for sure watch.


Come on, I mean SERIOUSLY! I was a huge fan of the original and I really like Amanda's character. But now, even though she looks great she IS showing her age. It's clear she is a lot older than the rest of the cast. Will she be playing mother hen to the tenants? Or is she going to have a little cougar action going on with the guys who live at 4616 Melrose? That's all I'm saying.....


Hey "seriously", if you're such a respected television critic and expert in scriptwriting, let's see you produce an hour long drama for a television network? Can't? Just a common day schlub? Well keep your naysaying mouth shut then, cause Melrose Place is great! And logic and psychology shows that if you hate something before you even experience it, you're gonna hate it after you experience it as well. Negative attitudes breed negative experiences, but there are a lot of Melrose Place fans who are loving it! The original didn't last for 7 years for no reason.


Its a good show but Katie Cassidy has bothered me every since she played Ruby in Supernatural :(


Awesome! I cannot wait to see Heather back on Melrose Place. They finally got rid of Ashlee (so they did something right). They're also bringing in Nick Zano (hot!) and Billy Campbell (who was on Dynasty with Heather). And apparently the producers are giving the show a bit of a revamp as well (not as dark) so I'll be very interested to see how it turns out.


Come On People, Heather saved the show once, she can do it again.... Lets see Amanda & Ella have it out! Lets Roll! Literally...(Heather L 2 The Rescue) ...Dj


none of these shows air in the uk :\


I won't be tuning in and it's a sad attempt at ratings.


Last ditch effort...too bad the writing originality, now it is even worse, with a 50 year old hitting on 20 year olds...ick