Marisa Miller or Miranda Kerr: Who Would You Rather...

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Two gorgeous models in lingerie.

One impossible decision.

We thought we made it difficult for readers last month when we asked if they'd rather sleep with Stephen Moyer or Alexander Skarsgard. But that was just the warm-up question.

Marisa Miller Topless
Miranda Kerr Topless Picture

Last week, Marisa Miller and Miranda Kerr both strutted their sexy stuff down the runway for a Victoria's Secret fashion show. This prompted us to wonder: which of these women is more attractive?

THIS PHOTO of Miller cinches her as the winner in THG's eyes, but perhaps you feel differently. Contrast, compare and chime in below...

Who would you rather...


UGH! To be honest neither of them. Marisa was extremely beautiful a few years ago but now I find her too skinny. Miranda is very, very, very ugly without a lot of makeup and a massive amount of Photoshop..... plus she has a horrible body structure, flat and thick at the same time.


Marisa is so much better! That Moronda girl is plain ugly.
She's also known for being a slut who slept her way up ..... I mean, if she wasn't dating Bloom, who would know her?


Marisa Miller looks like a drag queen with that harsh, hard looking face, six pack and huge adams apple, take away the b**bs and she could pass for a man.....Miranda Kerr is stunningly beautiful, very feminine with a sweet angelic face and killer contest.


Miranda Kerr does NOT sleep around and she is naturally gorgeous and skinny because she takes care of herself. i think both girls are gorgeous and its stupid putting them up against one another for wat? nothing! they both model for victoria's secret so obviously they are both good at what they do.


I didn't mean unnatural ummdug, i just meant it looks weird, she's obviously put a lot of work into her body but it doesn't look nice or comfortable, i think it personally looks better on a woman to be toned but not so much she looks like a female body builder. And no, before the comments come, i don't think marissa looks like a female body builder, i just mean her stomach looks very odd.


I agree with Aurora! I love Marisa, but her stomach strange!


Marisa Miller is 100 times more famous and doesn't sleep with everything and everyone like M Kerr. So there you go! Marisa Miller. And so you all know MM's body is amazing! and real. Damn!


would have said marissa if it wasn't for that horrible stomach! girls should be more natural, looks much better!

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