Mariah Carey on Larry King: I've Been Abused Emotionally, Mentally

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Earlier today, we saw Rihanna on Good Morning America recalling her assault at the hands of Chris Brown, and how difficult it was for her to break the cycle.

Asked about Rihanna last night on Larry King Live, Mariah Carey admitted she's faced her own difficult relationships, and that "abuse has several categories."

"[I have been abused] Emotionally, mentally," Mariah said in response to King's query of whether she had ever faced a situation similar to that of Rihanna.

Not unlike her battered counterpart, Carey says the hardest part was breaking free from ex-husband Tommy Mottola, whom she doesn't mention by name.

Check out a clip of Mariah Carey on Larry King below ...

"You get into a situation and you feel locked in," she said.

"For me, to really get out was extremely difficult because there was connection that was not only a marriage, but a business thing where the person was completely in control of my life. I was in a situation where I wasn't let out of the house."

When asked for her thoughts on Rihanna's struggles, she reacts the way many of us have: "Yikes," she says, "I can't even imagine what she went through."

Carey isn't the only one to broach the topic of emotional abuse lately.

Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin's now-ex-girlfriend, made a similar allegeation against the d-bag around the time of their split. It's not something to take lightly.


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Her music has mentally abused me for years.


Honestly this confession makes me wonder if this is some kind of promotion thing for her to or something. Terrified that Rhianna is going to take away from her spotlight or something but regardless I can empathize with her, being abused is a serious situation but I also agree with what seriously says above.


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you know what.....I have limited sypmathy for anyone in this kind of relationship that willingly continues to be in that relationship, knowing the damage it is doing...then, they want sympathy for remaining in the situation for as long as they did.....IT is seld destructive and I personally consider it a synmpathy seeking, attention is just as bad as what the abuser does. I have overcome my own abuse, yet...I seek no sympathy...I seek strength and urge women and men in abusive relationships to leave them. This is the fix...easy does it. The longer it is prolonged, the more damamging and controlling it becomes....take the control, stop giving it up!!


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