Laszlo Fazekas: Dating Cynthia Rodriguez!

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While Alex Rodriguez is winning World Series titles, loving sex and acting like less of a jerk because of new girlfriend Kate Hudson, Cynthia Rodriguez is moving on too.

C-Rod, who divorced Alex last year, has recently been spotted around Miami with a new love of her own: Laszlo Fazekas, 37-year-old real estate investor / accountant.

Cynthia Rodriguez Cleavage

According to the Palm Beach Post, which unmasked Cynthia's new man's identity, Laszlo was "born from a Brazilian mother into a famous Hungarian soccer family."

A-ROD WHO? Cynthia Rodriguez and Laszlo Fazekas are now an item!

Speaking to the Post, Fazekas resents suggestions that Cynthia "traded down" for a less attractive partner after "awkward" photos emerged of him with Rodriguez.

"I saw online that folks are comparing me with Alex. That's ridiculous," he says. "I don't care what people say. I'm physically fit and I know I'm not bad looking."

He's also guaranteed to be less of a douche, but he didn't say so. He did say that he first met Cynthia Rodriguez when he visted her home as a real estate agent.

Laszlo Fazekas said that his daughter and C-Rod's two girls with A-Rod get along great, and that "for now, we have a deep friendship that could become much more."

Cynthia filed for divorce from Alex Rodriguez in 2008 after his affair with Madonna was revealed. He has been involved with Kate Hudson since May of this year.


I know Laszlo and his dad I used to work with them back in the 90's. His dad was the owner of a medical instrument repair company.
His father was not a soccer player, I can't believe they wrote this lie about him.


i hope arod and cynthia make up & get bck together, his wee girls are beautiful, how could he not want to be around them 24/7? surely he must be fed up with chasing hollywood blondes. cynthia also never attracted him bad press like kate hudson did.


This woman is just beautiful inside and outside, shes gorgeous and arod was silly not to try and make amends.




Good for her! She is gorgeous, great figure and he is very handsome and hopefully, a keeper for her. She deserves a loyal man.


good luck to cynthia & her new man, she deserves some happiness in her life and so does her children, ex arod is too into his fame & his hollywood blowup doll to be bothered with normal people.


why on earth would the media tabloids be interested in reporting on cynthia rodreguez? she has kept out of the spotlight for the sake of her sanity and their 2 girls, perhaps kate hudson & arods PR teams have something to do with this sudden amount of info. on cynthias life. This woman has suffered enough, arod made her life a living hell. why not focus on k-huds parental skills & how much time these fools spend with their own kids, now thats abit of juicey news. good luck cynthia.


Cute Couple!!!


good for you cynthia, finally met someone that might treat you a little better than that egomaniac centaur you were married too whos now shacking up with the skankiest girl in hollywood. even madonna had sense to dumb his arse & have nothing to do with him.


Hard to believe he doesn't care what people say when he's looking himself up online to read what they said, justifying how he looks by saying, "...I'm physically fit and I know I'm not bad looking." and according to the Palm Beach Newspaper, changing his facebook picture to prove it was a bad photo of him with Cynthia.


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