Dr. Conrad Murray Linked to Michael Jackson Drugs

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A judge has unsealed a search warrant issued against Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas, where authorities believe Dr. Conrad Murray obtained Propofol.

In case you don't know by now, that's the powerful anesthesia police believe killed Michael Jackson, and Murray, his personal physician, was administering it.

The affidavit says at the scene of Michael Jackson's death at his L.A. home, Propofol was recovered "in Dr. Murray's doctor's bag and on the bedside table."

In order to make their case, police are looking to pin down Visa and FedEx information linking Dr. Conrad Murray to the sale of Propofol by Applied Pharmacy.

According to the affidavit, during the search of Dr. Murray's home and office, police recovered a sales receipt from Applied Pharmacy - dated May 12, 2009.

On that date, Dr. Conrad Murray purchased four vials of Propofol.

Police are trying to tie Dr. Conrad Murray's conduct to Michael Jackson's death.

He also bought three vials of benzos, and another drug, flumazenil, which is actually considered an antidote to a benzo, and is used to counteract benzos.

The total cost of the drugs: $853, with a $65 FedEx shipping fee.

After Jackson died June 25, Dr. Murray told police he was not the first doc to introduce Jackson to Propofol. Dr. Murray stated that Dr. Arnold Klein and Dr. Allan Metzger had given Jackson medicine that he says was not working.

And there's this: "Detectives interviewed Grace Owanda (sic), Jackson's children's nanny." That's Grace Rwaramba, who is in fact MJ's children's nanny.

"Owanda" stated that Michael Jackson was currently being treated by [Dr. Arnold Klein] and the last physician to treat Jackson was Dr. Larry Koplin."

And we wonder why the investigation is taking forever ...


I really don't believe mike is dead I wish the best for his family I love him so much and may allah be pleased with him. I hope the media stop lying on him. I hope the family that lied on him lay 2 rest like mike is now doing. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON AND THE JACKSON5 AND THE REST OF HIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. MAY GOD BLESS YOU


EllenWoods.you are so right Dr.Murry should never gave michael proprfol.that was worng and now he should be in perison 4 the rest of his life. the hole thing is just sick..love michael jackson.R.I.P


I don't care if he wasn't the first Dr to introduce him to propofol (sp?) the fact that he supplied it makes me sick. The drug is meant to be used in hospitals for a reason. Aren't Doctors supposed to take a hypocratic oath? Would you give a cocaine addict more coke simply because you weren't the first person to introduce them to it? I think not.

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