Lady Gaga Unmasked: No Makeup, Hat or Costume!

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As famous for her bombastic sense of style as for her hit pop songs, Lady Gaga rarely, if ever, makes an appearance without sunglasses, makeup, a hat or mask.

Being a rumored hermaphrodite may play some role in that.

But last night, fans finally got a glimpse of Lady Gaga's face au naturale - that is, sans sunglasses, elaborate masks, oversized hats and with no sign of makeup.

Well, a little makeup. For her. Relatively speaking, anyway.

Follow the jump to see the rarest of Lady Gaga pictures - one that reveals what the 23-year-old woman also known as Stefani Germanotta actually looks like ...

Lady Gaga: No Makeup

OMFG! Lady Gaga unmasked! Are you impressed? Disappointed?

The occasion for this shocking reveal from the singer, as reported in the UK's Daily Mail: a recent appearance on the German talk show Wetten Dass...?

There, she came on stage wearing a predictably head-turning outfit: over-the-knee boots and sculptural trousers that winged out at a 90-degree angle.

Yet the studio and TV audience saw something Gaga fans rarely do: an unconcealed face adorned only with smoky eyes and little conventional makeup.

What do you think? Should Lady G stick to the bizarre, off-the-wall fashion that makes her famous, or show off her natural looks more often than not?


She looks great!! Prefer her with little make-up...she looks normal....but then it's her weird costumes n of course songs that attract the crowd....Wd rather see her with long straight hair, tho....makes her look younger...or look her age..she's what - 23??..Here with her short curly bob, she looks older...


She's least this old man thinks so.


shes no hermaphradite ,but she is a sexy strong talented women


Oops! Sorry about the double posted comment. I think the second one has less errors.


Her makeup is thick enough that she can carve her name in her face without drawing blood. who writes this stuff? that's not a case of "no makeup"--that's a ton of makeup.


What's up??? I must be missing something: The headline was "... no makeup ...", yet she is clearly wearing makeup in the photo above.


she looks a little like a drag.. but not ugly ;)


OMFG is right.Can't sing worth a lick and looks like a horse with make-up on.Perfect.Next.


lady gaga with no make up? that was possible????


Shes going to be the "Great"

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