Lady Gaga Unmasked: No Makeup, Hat or Costume!

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As famous for her bombastic sense of style as for her hit pop songs, Lady Gaga rarely, if ever, makes an appearance without sunglasses, makeup, a hat or mask.

Being a rumored hermaphrodite may play some role in that.

But last night, fans finally got a glimpse of Lady Gaga's face au naturale - that is, sans sunglasses, elaborate masks, oversized hats and with no sign of makeup.

Well, a little makeup. For her. Relatively speaking, anyway.

Follow the jump to see the rarest of Lady Gaga pictures - one that reveals what the 23-year-old woman also known as Stefani Germanotta actually looks like ...

Lady Gaga: No Makeup

OMFG! Lady Gaga unmasked! Are you impressed? Disappointed?

The occasion for this shocking reveal from the singer, as reported in the UK's Daily Mail: a recent appearance on the German talk show Wetten Dass...?

There, she came on stage wearing a predictably head-turning outfit: over-the-knee boots and sculptural trousers that winged out at a 90-degree angle.

Yet the studio and TV audience saw something Gaga fans rarely do: an unconcealed face adorned only with smoky eyes and little conventional makeup.

What do you think? Should Lady G stick to the bizarre, off-the-wall fashion that makes her famous, or show off her natural looks more often than not?


She is wearing makeup unless your blind her eyes are black! eye liner much I think YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She looks like a drag queen! GROSS!!!!


The hair on her arms and hands is natural. I am a girl with Greek ancestry and my arms have a lot of hair on them, give her a break.
She looks better without all of the extravagant outfits.
I want to know what the tattoo is about.


Fuck all you gaga haters. Nuff said.


well everyone thinks i look like her in the face not with the whole freakish clothing thing shes got goin on.


well in this pic she is still wearing a lot of make up. but in another pic i have seen her with out makeup nd she is still okay looking. and the worse thing? every one thinks i look like lady gaga.


I put on make up. but rarely do I ever put on that much make up. If you think that's light make up, you gotta be shitting me.


bitch is ugly!!


I think she should show off her natural looks more often.She looks hotter when she does it.No,it ain't a joke.Believe me...


Honestly, look at her arms and hands real close. Her arms have loads of hairs on em, and to me... her arms and hands look rather manly, watchaa think?

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