Kristen Stewart Speaks on Character Development; Robert Pattinson Smiles!

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Let the excitement over New Moon truly get started!

The cast of this November 20 release kicked off its nationwide mall tour last week, as various stars will stop in various cities and answer questions from fans.

The beloved trio of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner kicked things off on Friday, appearing in Los Angeles and putting to rest rumors that there was any tension among the group.

Stewart opened up more than usual during the press conference. Here are bits and pieces of what she told reporters and screaming fans in attendance:

Bella grows up: “What I really love about New Moon is that you see this girl build herself back up and by the time she makes this sort of rash decision to spend eternity with a vampire she’s in a position where you actually believe her... She grows up."

Hot Threesome

Edward and Bella break up: “That was the scariest thing. I was almost as worried about messing it up than I was about what I actually should have been thinking about which was the issues that Bella is dealing with. Reading it, it’s so iconic. There’s nothing like that moment in reality even. It’s not even like a normal breakup scene.

"I know what’s it like to get broken up with but I don’t know what it’s like to get broken up with by a vampire who I’ve now been physically and chemically altered by. Suddenly you take an addict, you take whatever they’re addicted to away from them and there’s withdrawal. So that was the most intimidating scene in the entire movie."

Lautner steps up: "He’s so confident and the nicest guy that I’ve ever met... he’s the funnest guy I’ve ever hung out with. He’s great. I’m so proud of him.

To Bella, girls can look up: "I think that Bella is such a good character for girls not to look up to because it’s not looking up. The fact that she’s normal, and I think the most typically relatable thing is that she’s awesome and she doesn’t know it and she’s very sort of confident but also not arrogant... I think she is a good example for a young girl."

There's already Eclipse build-up: “Just as soon as you think you’re going to get the same story it’s sort all of a sudden that it completely changes. Bella is much more back to herself. She’s content now. She’s comfortable and self-assured in a way that she wasn’t in New Moon.

"I think what I really love about Eclipse, what was interesting for me to explore, was different levels of love and acknowledging that the ideals that you maybe had a little while ago aren’t true."

We can't wait. But let's focus on New Moon for now. Let's especially focus on the fact that Pattinson was actually all smiles, all day. See what we mean below:

On a Mall Tour
Greeting Followers

Massive thanks THG for taking my advice and reviewing New Moon in the style of The Hills and The City. 10 out of 10 for Kristen Stewart acting! I am no fan of Kristen, but I have to admit she put on a better performance this time round. Or maybe I should be congratulating Chris Weitz for getting the most out of her. What a difference Maybelline makes, how pretty did she look this time round. Rob pulled it out of the bag yet again. The trouble with him being such a good actor is that he shows the rest of the cast up. I also noticed the blatant product placement of Virgin. Given the hype placed on New Moon, I would have to say that I was a little disappointed. I felt a lot of the book was missed out, like how and why Jacob is a Werewolf. One thing I noticed: Charlie is a Police officer, his daughter goes missing then emerges from the woods in the arms of a half naked man and no one asks any questions??? What’s that about?


they really should come to the Phils. but the problem is that there would be very heavy traffic :))


They Should Come to Northern Ireland, That would be awsome! (:


they should visit the Philippines because there are so many fans out there who really love them


woop :)
not much else needed to say ;)


you guys are crazy!!


I would've oved to see that! I wish they come to NYC. It would be great to see one of my favorite stars.


The body language in the photos is great - so relaxed. And I'll make a wild guess that, at least in this instance, it's because they're not being stalked by the paparazzi and the fans (specifically, the out of control fans who can't tell reality from fantasy, and who can't keep their hands and cell phone cameras to themselves). The difference is QUITE notable.


Hellion Says: "Yeah! Vampires and werewolves! Yeah! I just barfed on my keyboard." So if it all nauseates you so much, remind us again why you're posting on here at all?


Yeah! Vampires and werewolves! Yeah! I just barfed on my keyboard.

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