Kris Allen Prepares to Sell Albums, Sleep

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He finished first on American Idol.

Therefore, Kris Allen will be the first artist from that show's eighth season to release an album; his self-titled CD will be available on November 17.

Is the singer nervous about it? A bit. But he says talking to past contestants has helped ease the pressure.

"David Cook has done his thing for a year and he's been very successful at it," Allen told E! News. "Chris Daughtry is obviously very, very successful with what he's done. They've both stayed really grounded and really cool. I've talked to them a little bit."

What did they say to the burgeoning star?

"They tell me: sleep when you can!"

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Allen, of course, will always be linked to runner-up Adam Lambert.

Asked how often he keeps in touch with his former rival, Kris said: "We see each other every once in awhile and we text all the time."

So, can Allen tell us how Lambert is handling his break-up with Drake LaBry?

"He's doing good. He's obviously not completely happy about it, but I think it was just something that needed to happen."

Will you purchase Allen's self-titled debut album?


This album is going to be amazing, no doubt.


I love his music. Kris is true to himself and never compromised to his great sound and talents. Kris is more than just a singer, he is a song writer and a musician. Kris is multi-talented.


I love he makes connection to David Cook and Chris Daughtry. Kris will soon become one of them or bigger as respectful musician and artist. Can't wait to really have the hard copy CD of his amazing album.


"Allen, of course, will always be linked to runner-up" WHY...WHY...WHY THAT?!! Why he must asked something like that? If he must why not asked about Danny, Allison, Matt, Anoop, and the rest. They have personal life too. Why not asking Kris that question?!! Cause it won't sell your site, right! You guys very low! What he do to accepted this kind of treatment?!! So disrespectful!!! He's amazing artist and genius musician. And you'll be sorry for treating him like that. Just see in few years to come!


I would only buy a song sung by Kris if it included Adam Lambert. I like how their voices blend together. I think they are adorable when they perform together. I do like Kris's version of Falling Slowly. I think it's his best song. I wish he and Adam would record I will Remember You. They sang part of it for a Ford commercial, and it was so pretty.


I will purchase some songs.I don't think he should have won. I think Kris is terrific, very talented musician, has beautiful vocal tones,is witty, personable,cute as can be, has a wonderful stage charisma, a beautiful way of interpreting songs, and I wish him well. I will have double the fun because I like both Kris and Adam's styles.And since these two good-hearted talented guys are friends, and I hope they both have fantastic life long success, happiness and get enough sleep!!


DrLee, you should be put to sleep for good! Completely useless!


Well, since Kris put me to sleep after listening to the clips off his album, I guess it's only fair that he gets to sleep too! Bravo Kris! The world is working too hard! We need you.


The walking anus is you, Captain Jackass. Easy question.


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