Kris Allen and Adam Lambert: Billboard Boys!

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Rivalry, schmivalry.

Kris Allen's debut album is currently on sale, and Adam Lambert releases his first-ever CD next week, but the former American Idol finalists are more friendly than feuding.

The singers cover the latest issue of Billboard, as Allen talks in the magazine about the process of recording songs for his album:

"When you're going to write and be in the studio, it's like, 'Now I have to think about me.' That's the mind-set you have to work with. I keep a journal, and maybe I'll take something from that - but when I'm writing a song I'll usually just be playing around on my guitar. More than anything, I just try to capture a moment."

Lambert, meanwhile is currently embroiled in a public fight with the editor of Out. He told the publication above:

“I consider myself part artist, part businessperson. I find marketing interesting, I find publicity interesting. I find the whole process interesting. I think there’s some artists that are really focused on the music and the artistry, but I also think being a showman and being an entertainer is more than just being a musician. It’s everything."



Maybe's its because I live in Canada - but there is a Kris Allen album?! lol!


I am a Kradam fan! I just think they are adorable together and if they can love each other I can love them both! I like Kris's music style and singing but I like Adam because he seems like a nice, decent guy. He really did well at the Idol concert. He did a little microphone grinding but no biggy! I really think the AMA was a DISASTER! He went to far in the gutter, he crossed the line BIG TIME and was offensive and repulsive. I don't know who's idea that "choreography" was but it was a bad one! I hope he learns from this and evolves.


Please don't imiatate Lady Gaga Adam, you are so great...I do not understand why people cannot enjoy entertainment anymore...I remember when Prince came out on stage in those bottomless pants...Not a big deal even back where you go with things but intertain up Adam cause I will always be your fan as long as I am on this earth.....It would of been nice to have a little more color the other night but I loved your song and entertaining...The rest of the show was boring....just don't go to far real early in your career......on the shows.......Love your music...Time for Miracles was awesome at the 2012 show.....


adam can do no wrong in my eyes...he's an artist and u can see the performance was very carefully choreographed and rehearsed. he did NOT fall..i agree with him that there is a double standard. its all been done before. i do feel however that his beautiful voice was lost in the performance and although i love his personality and gorgeous looks, a lot of his strength is that voice and he should have used it more. he doesnt need to imitate lady gaga or anyone, and he doesnt need to be controversial to be a superstar. he should just be adam...ADAM I ADORE YOU!!!!


Trainwreck.......FORMER fan


AMA performance.........The Worst


You know, I just don't get it. I honestly feel sorry for Chris. He is the winner of American Idol but he doesn't even get much press. Where was he during the AMA tonight? Adam was the one who was the star.

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