Kourtney Kardashian Loves Being Pregnant

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Supermarket tabloids often invent cover stories and write ridiculous headlines in order to sell copies.

But we have no doubt the latest issue of Life & Style bucks this deceptive trend, as its lead story is 100% accurate:  Kourtney Kardashian clearly loves pregnancy.

Why wouldn't she? Prior to getting knocked up, Kourtney was scarcely on the celebrity gossip radar.

"It wasn't something I expected or planned," Kourtney lied about in the interview. "It was just meant to be according to our reality show script."

Yay Pregnancy!

Kardashian is giving so many pointless interviews that she forgets what she says in each one.

A few days ago, she lamented her severe weight gain. But in this magazine, she said:

"I love being pregnant. I'm excited to be a mom... I'm totally excited to gain weight, and I'm embracing it. I run around naked all day at home! I like that my body is changing. It's a beautiful thing."

So, will she and baby daddy Scott Disick get married?

"I never had a plan. Now I have so much to think about for the baby. I'll worry about myself later."

It's true. Getting married and setting a good example for your child is incredibly selfish. Nice to see Kourtney has a firm grasp on the situation.


im only 48 yrs old, but i think its romantic for kourtney to be pregnant...her and scott have a great time together and their baby will have a good place to live. remember she is only 8 mths. people!shell be much happier when she settles down and starts a family. their son will love the world formed 4 him...........


why dont you sad jealouse pathetic people leave her alone kourtney is an amazing person and will be a great mom.


I would love to see her run around the house naked! If she likes it so much, she can come over to mine, and if she wants me to chase her to, I'd be all for that too (and a makeout session, and all the extracaricluars that follow!)


So right, it's not the 1950's. You can actually get birth control pretty easily now! Use it, all you dummies who think the world NEEDS your contribution to overpopulation.


Pregnancy is an amazing experience, especially to feel the child move inside you and it is the acceptable fat. It's after the babies born that women usually cry about the extra weight but I have a feeling she'll work hard and have no problems taking it all off.


omg it,s not the 1950,s!!!! u don,t HAVE to get married because you.re pregnant!


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